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Posts Tagged ‘Temporary jobs services uk’

Temporary Job Services- Boon For Overall Progress!

Posted by Job Search Service on April 25, 2011

Temporary jobs servicesJob Services

Situations of unemployment occur when candidates are available for work, but there is scarcity of job opportunities. Unemployment rate can be roughly calculated with the statistics available as, percentage of candidates those are unemployed.

This unemployment statistics are also required in calculating the global economy and economic studies and indices as the assessment of situations of macroeconomics. In past few years, there was great shortage of job openings due to recession. But now, the scenario has changed. Today, the number of job opportunities has also increased.

The recent news says that the unemployment rate in California, the most competitive city in US, is still very high, similar to other countries. At 12.4%, this city has again ranked third highest in the employment rate last month in nation. This news has been reported by the bureau of labor statistics, just the previous week.

Recently, many countries have seemed to be in better economic conditions as compared to few past years. States such as Michigan, Tennessee and Alabama have seen their employment rates have been falling drastically a year ago, whereas the other states including Minnesota and Pennsylvania have increased their employment rates within a year’s period. California’s joblessness rate has increased by 0.2 % than the previous year, latest news says. Federal government statistics reveal that the unemployment rate of New Jersey is competitively lower than national rate.

Above statistics clear depict that there must be taken some strategic and instant actions in order to overcome such critical conditions. This rate is definitely going to affect the global economy badly in the coming years. The recent advent of temporary job services has tried to sustain in such cases to some extent.

The temporary job services are basically the employment opportunities that are open on contract basis, concisely to say temporary basis. These services can be availed from any consultancy or recruitment agency. Such types of job services are like helping hands in US, where Visa is also granted for such purposes.

The temporary job services are best alternative for people who have retired from their previous jobs and want to work on contract basis for certain period. Advent of temporary job services has tried effectively to seal up the valley that had created between the unemployed and unemployment rate!


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