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Posts Tagged ‘jobs UK’

Current Job Rates In London

Posted by Job Search Service on June 2, 2011

Part Time Jobs London

Like many other economies in the world, the UK employment market is going through many changes. The employment and unemployment rate in UK has also gone through many ups and downs. The survey has shown the changes in the figures of the employment rate in the different job sectors in UK.

The full-time and part-time jobs in UK have seen many evolvements in terms of designation and profiles too. The progress and achievement rate in the part-time jobs UK has been found to be very unpredictable. People and specially students opt for various part time jobs in UK due to some reasons, which have been found out from market survey.

Some students who are still in schools and colleges go for part-time jobs UK in order to fill their free time during their vacations. This helps them to learn some new things as well as make some extra pocket money over the summers. While pursuing their higher studies, some university students also try for part time jobs. Such jobs not only give them an opportunity to earn money, but also gain some work experience.

This work experience helps them in their long run when they go for jobs in bigger companies for higher designation.

The employment rate in UK has been classified into some groups, which are showing many changes when compared to the figures of last few years. These groups are majorly classified into age, sex, market trend and the working hours. A recent survey and the results deduced on these groups are as follows:

• There was a 0.2% rise in the employment rate of people who are aged between 16 to 64years and are employed. This survey was conducted for the last three months to March 2011. Initially, the rate was 70.7 per cent on the quarter.

• The number of citizens who are employed and are aged 16 years and over has gone up by 118,000 on quarter. This is approximately an increase by 416,000 in the whole year, which can reach up to 29.24 million.

• The number of employed people in UK is 332,000. That is lower than the 29.57 million pre-recession peaks, recorded till the last the three months from May 2008.

• The quarterly increase in the rate of employment was mainly due to the driven force of full-time employment. It has increased on the quarter by 94,000 to reach up to 21.30 million.

• There has been an increase in the full-time employment rather than the part time employment. The number of men, who are employed, has reached 40,000 which is an increase up to 13.63 million.

• The number of employed women in full-time jobs has increased by 54,000 which reach up to 7.67 million.

You can find the best part time jobs UK in IT, technical, hardware and web jobs. These jobs can be available in all the areas of UK. From the initial first jobbers and IT graduates, you can find a variety of profiles up to IT directors, designers, analysts, developers, engineers, programmers and many other support roles. There are around thousands of IT part time jobs available in UK. Youth unemployment has gone down in the UK, which is actually acting as a boost for the economy.


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