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Posts Tagged ‘job openings’

London New Jobs

Posted by Job Search Service on April 29, 2011

Job services Uk

Job Services, UKCleaning industry is focusing for more than 21000 jobs up for grabs. Talking about this type industry it was said on 28th of April, 2011 that, every type of business needs cleaning. It can be a small shop, big hospital, schools, and defense sites or may be a palace. Also other cleaning jobs are like taking care of public places, and it is a part time job too. The news further read is many such jobs start at £5+ per hour (the national minimum wage for age over 21). These vacancies can be searched online (www direct gov uk / employment) or you may walk in to a local job center to get details. They arrange the trainings on health and safety. You can find many other types of jobs also through the job services UK online.

Breaking News

The company Nokia has a breaking news of cutting work force world wide by around 4000 within two years. And the huge mobile makers are intending to create a work force in UK for about 700 jobs. This news is published on 27th April, 2011.

Unemployment rate

The news published by the ONS- Office for National Statistics-on March 16, 2011. It reads that, the unemployment rose to 26000+, which is the most high number since 1994. And it is at 8% – high record since 1996. Actually, the IT sector and is showing increase rate in employment, though the author is afraid the unemployment rate may increase in a few months.

On this background, the REC have requested the Government to create the job openings through the up coming budget with a title as A Budget for Jobs. Some of the officials mentioned that the employers are more keen these days to hire part time or temporary staffing being cost effective. This flexibility of employment is caused by the volatile economic climate.

Job services

Job services offered by the job boards are still great in number in UK. They give the openings sector wise. They have openings in Accounts and Finance sector, Banking, Construction, Entertainment, Recruitment, Sales, Marketing and many more including IT sector. These jobs are of a permanent and part time basis. There are may freelance job available too.


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Ray Of Hopes For The Jobseekers In Uk

Posted by Job Search Service on April 18, 2011

Job search service ukJob Search

Recent statistics shows that it is 43% difficult to get financial jobs in 2011 than the last year 2010. In March 2011, the number of new candidates rose above 6600 which is all time high on London. These conclusions are drawn by the latest survey from Morgan McKinley. It is engaged in hiring front office and junior to mid-level people.

The report of Independent Commission on Banking of this week is not as bad as it might have. The operational separation of retail and investment banking are going to higher funding costs for the investment banks.

National Health Service has offered 6448 new job openings from the National health services employers all over England and Wales. Jobseekers can search for these jobs and find job for them that match to their skills and qualifications and can apply online through NHS site. There are many opportunities as health visitors. The Government has decided to increase health visitor workers by 4,200 till 2015. This is very inspiring in the view of delivering services to improve health of children families and communities as well as it is good news for the job services.

To boost this strategy, return to practice schemes are initiated across the country. These schemes are followed by increasing full and part time training starting from September. The new forms of training are in development stages that are to be carried out in coming days. Some NHS regions including London have begun their return to practice schemes. In London, it has welcomed 47 health visitors back on training.

NHS recently launched their new site for nursing careers. This site is promoting to wide range of nursing career options available around. It is trying to remove misconceptions of this career and encouraging people to come and go for nursing jobs available widely. This website is launched for various nurse training options of diploma and degree courses for graduate entry profession by 2013. In the coming three years, this profession needs many applicants for thousands of degree places. This website gives comprehensive info about variety of routes and resources to enter this profession. It provides lot of downloadable supportive materials for NHS organizations, schools, universities and for the promotion of nursing careers.

Recently Britain’s Prime Minister holds talks with Private sector employers and assured thousands of UK jobs around 2011. This is very hopeful for the jobseekers in London.

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Job Sites Helpful For All

Posted by Job Search Service on April 7, 2011

Job opportunities UK

All this is possible with the variety of latest job sites/ portals and wide range of job services offered by them. The job sites/ portals are the websites on the net that are engaged in capturing resumes from the candidates all over the world as well as job postings/openings from the employers. These sites are the bridge between job seekers and employers. They eliminate the earlier intervention of mediatory placement agent for the recruitment.

The job sites offer variety of services to job seekers and employers. They work like banks/ storages of resumes and job openings. For using the services offered by job sites, one has to register on these sites. The latest API programs made the registration even easier. The API program associates the job site and the search engine/portals where people register themselves for email accounts. This integration allows users to use same login Id of their email account and different password.

The job services offered by job sites are cost effective. The aspiring job candidates are taking advantages of these services than going for job consultants who charge large amounts. The job services offered are –

  • Job sites gives updates of the jobs to the candidates, which have a matching profile with the recent openings related to their field.
  • They allow customizing settings to user that helps them to share desired information with some or specific contacts. A user can block certain contacts, which one may want to hide his/ her profile from some entities.
  • They provide information like when a job opening is posted and help in comparison with other candidates applied for same job.

Besides that, they provide guidance about writing resumes, career guidance, and tips about interviews etc. You can search for jobs in particular field, location and with other criteria like experience needed etc.

The employers also avail similar services at their side. They have to register with the site. They can post their openings on the site. In addition, they can search for candidates based on qualification and required skills.

Job opportunities UK offered today are a boon for both, employees and employers. The technology is serving them for cost effective and fast recruitment.

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