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Archive for the ‘Save My Job’ Category

Save My job is a fantastic job search engines that helps you find jobs in 15 countries worldwide including: france, switzerland, UK, USA, india, pakistan, china, mexico and more..

Current Job Rates In London

Posted by Job Search Service on June 2, 2011

Part Time Jobs London

Like many other economies in the world, the UK employment market is going through many changes. The employment and unemployment rate in UK has also gone through many ups and downs. The survey has shown the changes in the figures of the employment rate in the different job sectors in UK.

The full-time and part-time jobs in UK have seen many evolvements in terms of designation and profiles too. The progress and achievement rate in the part-time jobs UK has been found to be very unpredictable. People and specially students opt for various part time jobs in UK due to some reasons, which have been found out from market survey.

Some students who are still in schools and colleges go for part-time jobs UK in order to fill their free time during their vacations. This helps them to learn some new things as well as make some extra pocket money over the summers. While pursuing their higher studies, some university students also try for part time jobs. Such jobs not only give them an opportunity to earn money, but also gain some work experience.

This work experience helps them in their long run when they go for jobs in bigger companies for higher designation.

The employment rate in UK has been classified into some groups, which are showing many changes when compared to the figures of last few years. These groups are majorly classified into age, sex, market trend and the working hours. A recent survey and the results deduced on these groups are as follows:

• There was a 0.2% rise in the employment rate of people who are aged between 16 to 64years and are employed. This survey was conducted for the last three months to March 2011. Initially, the rate was 70.7 per cent on the quarter.

• The number of citizens who are employed and are aged 16 years and over has gone up by 118,000 on quarter. This is approximately an increase by 416,000 in the whole year, which can reach up to 29.24 million.

• The number of employed people in UK is 332,000. That is lower than the 29.57 million pre-recession peaks, recorded till the last the three months from May 2008.

• The quarterly increase in the rate of employment was mainly due to the driven force of full-time employment. It has increased on the quarter by 94,000 to reach up to 21.30 million.

• There has been an increase in the full-time employment rather than the part time employment. The number of men, who are employed, has reached 40,000 which is an increase up to 13.63 million.

• The number of employed women in full-time jobs has increased by 54,000 which reach up to 7.67 million.

You can find the best part time jobs UK in IT, technical, hardware and web jobs. These jobs can be available in all the areas of UK. From the initial first jobbers and IT graduates, you can find a variety of profiles up to IT directors, designers, analysts, developers, engineers, programmers and many other support roles. There are around thousands of IT part time jobs available in UK. Youth unemployment has gone down in the UK, which is actually acting as a boost for the economy.


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Best Opportunities In Job Market Of UAE

Posted by Job Search Service on May 31, 2011

Job services UAE

A good paying job is one the necessities of individuals today. Internet has brought the world together and many people look for best jobs in the world market. In earlier recession period, jobs are snatched from many people and unemployment rates fly high.

Now slowly situation is recovering and new jobs are developing across the globe. UAE has good results for its job services UAE and last year report from Dubai statistics center shows that unemployment level in Dubai is declined by 19% and it is just 0.8%. According to this report, this economically sound population is 86.6% part of total UAE’s population of 1.57 million.

This encouraging scenarios and vast developments across UAE attract many people around the world to job services UAE to take advantage of growing economy., are some of the firms that provide wide range of job services UAE. One can discover best employment opportunities in Dubai and UAE with these sites. Here, you will find jobs in different fields like information technology, construction, healthcare, engineering, finance, sales and marketing etc.

Recently, Emirates Group, highly profitable business and over 50,000 employees is expanding rapidly. It comprises successful airport ground services and has global network. Now it is buying 200 more aircrafts to fly for 110 destinations in six continents. With this expansion, it is creating many jobs in the industry from HR coordinator to many other positions in coming time.

Job services UAE provide robust and wide-ranging jobs for highly skilled, qualified and experienced candidates around the world. Dubai has serving as a global center for many developed and developing businesses. Currently Abu Dhabi has finalized its industrial strategy with key government entities and partners. This strategy promotes local economy as said by chairman of Department of Economic Development Abu Dhabi.

He added that last year private sector accounted 25% of total GDP and it is expected to grow more this year by support of Government’s commitment to national and foreign private sector. The recent agreement between UAE and South Korea for building four nuclear power plants is expected in coming days. That will definitely grow employment opportunities in the area.

Currently, Dubai-British Airways is expanding their business by investing 5.5 billion Euros for buying new aircrafts. As per this new expansion plan, it is buying more Boeing 777, 12 airbuses, and 24 Boeing 787. . It is a joint venture with Iberia to fly for 200 destinations with more than 400 aircrafts.

Last Monday, labor minister of UAE declared that UAE will not renew work permits of foreign workers who have completed six years in the country. This policy is a part of ten point program to facilitate Saudi people to get more jobs in private sector. This program plans to create more jobs for nationals. It will reduce unemployment rates further in coming time.

All these news shows high employment potentials in United Arab Emirates with growing economy.Job services UAE are playing vital role in attracting qualified and experienced individuals to get best jobs in industry.

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Current Scenario Of Job Services UAE

Posted by Job Search Service on May 24, 2011

Job services UAE

Every country has its share of up and down in the job market. UAE is a country where the job market also goes through many rotations of changes. Yet, according to the statistics, job services UAE offer far more decent hopes for the people than expected. Global crises and credit crunch are showing up in the United Arab Emirates. Dubai especially is getting a hang on these, which are affecting on the job services UAE. In spite of this, the latest news shows that the unemployment rate in Dubai is the lowest. Now, this is a very drastic observation, which poses many questions about the employment market in the UAE.

The latest survey on the job services UAE shows that 53% of the whole populations in UAE are employed. Again, there is a sector of people who have no intention to work. This sector constitutes of 19.9% of the population who do not desire to work. The population of UAE comprise of native citizens and expatriate workers from other countries in the world. So, the employment rate again has to be considered for those citizens too, who have migrated and have taken up the UAE citizenship. Statistics show that 79% of the populations, belonging to this sector, have an employment rate of 79% while 45% of the native nationals are employed.

The UAE landscape for employment has gone through many changes since it started competing in the job services UAE market globally. Still some big companies, stick to their preference of hiring quality employees for their processes. But, the competition in the UAE market is more fierce than expected. The wages and pay offered to the people are not that high in many cases. Hopefully, you can turn through the job services on this downturn soon and hope for a change.

People are expecting a phenomenal growth in the UAE employment scenario and looking forward for continued expansion in long term prospects. This means that people are looking for employment would come by easily. There are job opportunities in Dubai and will continue to be open for qualified candidates. There are a lot of vacancies in dozens of sectors and in countless posts within those sectors. In spite of all these sectors, the real challenge can be landing up with a Dubai employment contract.

The competition in the UAE employment market has become stiffer since the past few years. The labor pool in UAE comprises of people from all over of the world. As a result of this, most traditional methods in the job search strategy just do not seem to work out. You need to have more inside information and additional skill set in order to have more advantage over many others.

The UAE Minister of Labor, very recently reported that among the major driving forces, which has happened to their Arab World. There are two things. These two things are social justice and unemployment. But he also explained that unemployment in UAE was optional.

The number of people seeking jobs in UAE and especially in Dubai is increasing with time. So, the quicker you search for job services UAE, better will be your chances of a career in Dubai.

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Right Step From Government To Help Jobless Young People In London

Posted by Job Search Service on April 13, 2011

jobs in London

The economist discover that inflation in UK fell back last month, but it gave some relief to shoppers and help to reduce pressure on the Bank of England and it is going to raise interest rates soon. gives details of the news of announce by work and pension’s Secretary Iain Duncan Smith. According to news of 7th February, the Government has declared more developments in the strategy to provide guidance and volunteering prospects to jobless people.  This scheme is particularly beneficial to young people. It will enhance their probability of getting jobs. Further, he declared that Ministers are dedicated to make stronger joint venture with the voluntary division to assist underprivileged groups and communities.

He added that youth charity The Prince trust and other charitable trusts are going to set up stalls in job centers and offices to help job searching people to get training place. This plan is developed after revealing the latest unemployment figures increased around 951000 in just three months from last November. Iain Duncan Smith claimed that this partnership with The Prince Trust and other voluntary sector elements over the country will create numerous opportunities for job seekers. Using these opportunities many of them can get valuable experience and skills for them.

In this concern, chief executive of The Prince Trust, Martina Milburn spoke that to fight with the highest record of unemployment, it is very important to help young people to get the jobs. This partnership is the first step in this direction. This partnership will help thousands of young people in need and give them confidence and skills to come out of long-term unemployment. This will bring a huge impact on the families of the people taking this opportunity as well as it will have great impact on Britain’s economy.

Really, this scheme is a right step from the government to provide support and training to young people. It will definitely boost the chances of getting full time jobs for these people. The partnership with the voluntary organizations is expecting to reach many jobless people giving them valuable experience that will bring happiness in their lives.

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Discover Varied Scope in London Jobs

Posted by Job Search Service on April 12, 2011

News related to London new jobs

The mayor of London, Boris Johnson, has announced the new funding for the city transport which might result in local civil engineering placements. For this purpose, he added, more than ₤ 110 million would be arranged. This may attract the approximate ₤ 40 billion of investment and create 200,000 new jobs in London through the forth coming decades.

The mayor ads, this plan would turn London into a cleaner, green city which will be a less carbon city in the world; generating new employment and enterprises.

The recruitment summit of London is organized in Africa between 13th and 15th May, 2011. Till now, more than 2500 candidates are short listed through this giant event. Here, they are following the entries only by their invitations. Hence, anybody wishes to get invited has to apply as quick as possible.

Business news

The city Is already in the lime light of civil construction jobs in connection with the ODA – Olympic Delivery Authority. The drawings of the London 2012 MPC – Main Press Centre- and IBC – International Broadcast Centre- show the shape of the new buildings.

Once this structure is complete, the IBC and MPC will be looking to fill the vacancies of around 4 million persons worldwide.

( One article published on 9th April, reads; the priority aspect that encourages is the worker efficiency and the labor group hampers that productivity. The article is addressing to the hot debate took place in New London City Council meeting; between union-supporters Democrats and council Republicans. The point here is the employee unions are becoming instrumental to harm the growth of new job creation. This is breaking news in London.

Unemployment rate in London – As per the data published available, the unemployment rate for London city was 8.5% in December 2010. This appears to be decreased in January 2011 and observed to be 8.3 per cent.

Global economy

After the recession period the stalwarts in big industries are glad to note that the labor market has started to create new job vacancies. In most of the large manufacturing sectors, the cost inflation rise is observed since July 2008. This pricing will become instrumental in global economy to hit resource blockages including employment and production activity.

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Getting Job Is Very Easy With Job Services Offered By Jobsites

Posted by Job Search Service on March 28, 2011

Job services

The tasks are becoming easy with these solutions. It has created lots of job opportunities for the careerists. Internet also made it easy to search the jobs just by few clicks. Numerous jobsites offer variety of job services to the job seekers. Job sites are the sites having large databases of potential candidates as well as lists of available job postings. The fresher as well as the experienced employees can search jobs using these sites.

The jobsites today provide wide range of varieties to their users. Most of the job sites allow free registration on their site. With the advanced technology, the registration is also an easy activity. Most of the sites allow using your existing email address as their login id and other information need not be entered. These job sites are useful for both, employees as well as employers. Let us see the services offered by these sites.

  • These latest sites provide guidance on how to write resumes and applications etc., to the potential candidates. This guidance is very important these days. Because all the recruiting companies use software like resume parsers and analyzers in recruitment process. It is very important to write resume in software friendly manner in order to pass through the searching process. The decorations and formatting resume is needless for these automated systems.
  • Many recent job sites give career guidance for the users. Moreover, there are many opportunities related to your qualification and skill set. These sites help in knowing all these opportunities available for you.
  • Searching jobs with job sites is very easy task. There are many criteria like job field, location etc. for which you can search on the net.
  • The latest jobsites gives alerts, emails or messages to the registered candidates whenever there is any job opening that is suitable for your profile arrives on their site.
  • The employers can post their jobs on these sites. There is no need to give advertisement anywhere else. These sites provide number of potential candidates list registered with them.
  • Through the link of job posted, users can apply for that job.
  • These sites also offer interview questions and answers for the candidates as well as interviewers.

These job sites are very useful for both candidates as well as employers.

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