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Archive for the ‘jobs in london’ Category

London New Jobs

Posted by Job Search Service on April 29, 2011

Job services Uk

Job Services, UKCleaning industry is focusing for more than 21000 jobs up for grabs. Talking about this type industry it was said on 28th of April, 2011 that, every type of business needs cleaning. It can be a small shop, big hospital, schools, and defense sites or may be a palace. Also other cleaning jobs are like taking care of public places, and it is a part time job too. The news further read is many such jobs start at £5+ per hour (the national minimum wage for age over 21). These vacancies can be searched online (www direct gov uk / employment) or you may walk in to a local job center to get details. They arrange the trainings on health and safety. You can find many other types of jobs also through the job services UK online.

Breaking News

The company Nokia has a breaking news of cutting work force world wide by around 4000 within two years. And the huge mobile makers are intending to create a work force in UK for about 700 jobs. This news is published on 27th April, 2011.

Unemployment rate

The news published by the ONS- Office for National Statistics-on March 16, 2011. It reads that, the unemployment rose to 26000+, which is the most high number since 1994. And it is at 8% – high record since 1996. Actually, the IT sector and is showing increase rate in employment, though the author is afraid the unemployment rate may increase in a few months.

On this background, the REC have requested the Government to create the job openings through the up coming budget with a title as A Budget for Jobs. Some of the officials mentioned that the employers are more keen these days to hire part time or temporary staffing being cost effective. This flexibility of employment is caused by the volatile economic climate.

Job services

Job services offered by the job boards are still great in number in UK. They give the openings sector wise. They have openings in Accounts and Finance sector, Banking, Construction, Entertainment, Recruitment, Sales, Marketing and many more including IT sector. These jobs are of a permanent and part time basis. There are may freelance job available too.


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Temporary Job Services- Boon For Overall Progress!

Posted by Job Search Service on April 25, 2011

Temporary jobs servicesJob Services

Situations of unemployment occur when candidates are available for work, but there is scarcity of job opportunities. Unemployment rate can be roughly calculated with the statistics available as, percentage of candidates those are unemployed.

This unemployment statistics are also required in calculating the global economy and economic studies and indices as the assessment of situations of macroeconomics. In past few years, there was great shortage of job openings due to recession. But now, the scenario has changed. Today, the number of job opportunities has also increased.

The recent news says that the unemployment rate in California, the most competitive city in US, is still very high, similar to other countries. At 12.4%, this city has again ranked third highest in the employment rate last month in nation. This news has been reported by the bureau of labor statistics, just the previous week.

Recently, many countries have seemed to be in better economic conditions as compared to few past years. States such as Michigan, Tennessee and Alabama have seen their employment rates have been falling drastically a year ago, whereas the other states including Minnesota and Pennsylvania have increased their employment rates within a year’s period. California’s joblessness rate has increased by 0.2 % than the previous year, latest news says. Federal government statistics reveal that the unemployment rate of New Jersey is competitively lower than national rate.

Above statistics clear depict that there must be taken some strategic and instant actions in order to overcome such critical conditions. This rate is definitely going to affect the global economy badly in the coming years. The recent advent of temporary job services has tried to sustain in such cases to some extent.

The temporary job services are basically the employment opportunities that are open on contract basis, concisely to say temporary basis. These services can be availed from any consultancy or recruitment agency. Such types of job services are like helping hands in US, where Visa is also granted for such purposes.

The temporary job services are best alternative for people who have retired from their previous jobs and want to work on contract basis for certain period. Advent of temporary job services has tried effectively to seal up the valley that had created between the unemployed and unemployment rate!

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Time Saving Job Services

Posted by Job Search Service on April 23, 2011

London jobs

Job portals or job sites are engaged in offering different job services to all those involved in job recruitment process. The recruitment process is no more tedious and time consuming with these modern job services.

The companies seeking potential employees for them can be benefited with these job portals. Jobsites are developed for both, employees and employers. These sites offer variety of services to both the users. The primary job services offered by these sites to both the users are different.

For the employee or job seeker, these sites allow free registration on these sites with their resume and profile. The security of the information is taken care by issuing separate login id and password to the user. The latest facilities with these sites allow them to customize their profile according to their preferences. With the customized settings, they can block certain information.

These sites offer variety of searching tools to search for the jobs in selected area available for them. Whenever the suitable job opening is available for the employee, it is informed to the registered member. With these sites, job search becomes very easy for the job seekers. According to the latest software like resume parsers or CV screening, these sites guide employees to build their resume software friendly. This helps in selection from the huge resumes after filtering by these software.

For the employers, these jobsites come with huge databases of potential candidates in the market. These sites allow them to post their job openings on these sites. This job service has eliminated the need of placement agencies and there is no need to go for advertisement. These jobsites can offer list of candidates that match with the requirement. Some sites also offer services like guidelines for the employers for the interviews etc.

This latest phenomenon amazingly saves the various direct and indirect costs associated with the recruitment process in the view of employer as well as employees. Most of these London job services are free for all. These job services are available all the time, 24X7 and from any place in the world. With the internet, the turn around time is reduced significantly. The geographical distances are not the obstacles for these net job services. The cost of recruitment is also saved remarkably using these job services.

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Gearing Economy To Provide Full Time Jobs In London

Posted by Job Search Service on April 19, 2011

Full time jobs London

The agreement with The Prince charity trust and other organizations in this sector has definitely boosted the employment. The full time jobs in London are available in variety of area like finance, construction, nursing and health careers etc.

The Finance Minister’s meeting with the big companies in the public sector has also assured job positions in this sector. Besides this, the Healthcare organization NHS is declared for more than six thousand vacancies for health visitors and stepped ahead in that way. All these news are encouraging employment potential in London and now after long period of recession, new jobs and opportunities are coming for the unemployed people.

Recently, Big Issue Invest a finance provider for social enterprises and trading arms of charities has announced a new fund worth 50million Euro for social businesses that are related to healthcare and social housing. At European Association of Philanthropy and giving conference in London, chief executive of Big Issue Invest Nigel Kershaw said that they are launching investment fund between 30million to 50 million Euros for people doing good. He did not give more details at this stage about it as it is confidential.

The National Endowment for Science, Technology and Arts published details of funds in December. It includes a proposal that would support fund by the Big Society Bank. Big Issue Investment is working for the market testing, development and launch of London Alternative Investment Market listed social investment fund that can invest in both stock exchange UK listed and developing social purpose businesses like healthcare, education and social housing.

NSPCC, charity helping children in need is restructuring its fundraising staff and that will create 94 new jobs as told by spokesman. Instead of earlier 70 employees, it will incorporate 94 employees.

On 26th June 2011, in London a conference is held in London named Reputation in Financial services where major financial institutions, suppliers, consultancies and agencies experts in financial marketing, brand and communications are coming together for discussions.

Besides this news, there are several fields like education, news and journals, construction and fashion where there are many full time jobs available in London. Sites like are engaged in providing job services to the unemployed people in London.

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Ray Of Hopes For The Jobseekers In Uk

Posted by Job Search Service on April 18, 2011

Job search service ukJob Search

Recent statistics shows that it is 43% difficult to get financial jobs in 2011 than the last year 2010. In March 2011, the number of new candidates rose above 6600 which is all time high on London. These conclusions are drawn by the latest survey from Morgan McKinley. It is engaged in hiring front office and junior to mid-level people.

The report of Independent Commission on Banking of this week is not as bad as it might have. The operational separation of retail and investment banking are going to higher funding costs for the investment banks.

National Health Service has offered 6448 new job openings from the National health services employers all over England and Wales. Jobseekers can search for these jobs and find job for them that match to their skills and qualifications and can apply online through NHS site. There are many opportunities as health visitors. The Government has decided to increase health visitor workers by 4,200 till 2015. This is very inspiring in the view of delivering services to improve health of children families and communities as well as it is good news for the job services.

To boost this strategy, return to practice schemes are initiated across the country. These schemes are followed by increasing full and part time training starting from September. The new forms of training are in development stages that are to be carried out in coming days. Some NHS regions including London have begun their return to practice schemes. In London, it has welcomed 47 health visitors back on training.

NHS recently launched their new site for nursing careers. This site is promoting to wide range of nursing career options available around. It is trying to remove misconceptions of this career and encouraging people to come and go for nursing jobs available widely. This website is launched for various nurse training options of diploma and degree courses for graduate entry profession by 2013. In the coming three years, this profession needs many applicants for thousands of degree places. This website gives comprehensive info about variety of routes and resources to enter this profession. It provides lot of downloadable supportive materials for NHS organizations, schools, universities and for the promotion of nursing careers.

Recently Britain’s Prime Minister holds talks with Private sector employers and assured thousands of UK jobs around 2011. This is very hopeful for the jobseekers in London.

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Right Step From Government To Help Jobless Young People In London

Posted by Job Search Service on April 13, 2011

jobs in London

The economist discover that inflation in UK fell back last month, but it gave some relief to shoppers and help to reduce pressure on the Bank of England and it is going to raise interest rates soon. gives details of the news of announce by work and pension’s Secretary Iain Duncan Smith. According to news of 7th February, the Government has declared more developments in the strategy to provide guidance and volunteering prospects to jobless people.  This scheme is particularly beneficial to young people. It will enhance their probability of getting jobs. Further, he declared that Ministers are dedicated to make stronger joint venture with the voluntary division to assist underprivileged groups and communities.

He added that youth charity The Prince trust and other charitable trusts are going to set up stalls in job centers and offices to help job searching people to get training place. This plan is developed after revealing the latest unemployment figures increased around 951000 in just three months from last November. Iain Duncan Smith claimed that this partnership with The Prince Trust and other voluntary sector elements over the country will create numerous opportunities for job seekers. Using these opportunities many of them can get valuable experience and skills for them.

In this concern, chief executive of The Prince Trust, Martina Milburn spoke that to fight with the highest record of unemployment, it is very important to help young people to get the jobs. This partnership is the first step in this direction. This partnership will help thousands of young people in need and give them confidence and skills to come out of long-term unemployment. This will bring a huge impact on the families of the people taking this opportunity as well as it will have great impact on Britain’s economy.

Really, this scheme is a right step from the government to provide support and training to young people. It will definitely boost the chances of getting full time jobs for these people. The partnership with the voluntary organizations is expecting to reach many jobless people giving them valuable experience that will bring happiness in their lives.

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