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Best Opportunities In Job Market Of UAE

Posted by Job Search Service on May 31, 2011

Job services UAE

A good paying job is one the necessities of individuals today. Internet has brought the world together and many people look for best jobs in the world market. In earlier recession period, jobs are snatched from many people and unemployment rates fly high.

Now slowly situation is recovering and new jobs are developing across the globe. UAE has good results for its job services UAE and last year report from Dubai statistics center shows that unemployment level in Dubai is declined by 19% and it is just 0.8%. According to this report, this economically sound population is 86.6% part of total UAE’s population of 1.57 million.

This encouraging scenarios and vast developments across UAE attract many people around the world to job services UAE to take advantage of growing economy., are some of the firms that provide wide range of job services UAE. One can discover best employment opportunities in Dubai and UAE with these sites. Here, you will find jobs in different fields like information technology, construction, healthcare, engineering, finance, sales and marketing etc.

Recently, Emirates Group, highly profitable business and over 50,000 employees is expanding rapidly. It comprises successful airport ground services and has global network. Now it is buying 200 more aircrafts to fly for 110 destinations in six continents. With this expansion, it is creating many jobs in the industry from HR coordinator to many other positions in coming time.

Job services UAE provide robust and wide-ranging jobs for highly skilled, qualified and experienced candidates around the world. Dubai has serving as a global center for many developed and developing businesses. Currently Abu Dhabi has finalized its industrial strategy with key government entities and partners. This strategy promotes local economy as said by chairman of Department of Economic Development Abu Dhabi.

He added that last year private sector accounted 25% of total GDP and it is expected to grow more this year by support of Government’s commitment to national and foreign private sector. The recent agreement between UAE and South Korea for building four nuclear power plants is expected in coming days. That will definitely grow employment opportunities in the area.

Currently, Dubai-British Airways is expanding their business by investing 5.5 billion Euros for buying new aircrafts. As per this new expansion plan, it is buying more Boeing 777, 12 airbuses, and 24 Boeing 787. . It is a joint venture with Iberia to fly for 200 destinations with more than 400 aircrafts.

Last Monday, labor minister of UAE declared that UAE will not renew work permits of foreign workers who have completed six years in the country. This policy is a part of ten point program to facilitate Saudi people to get more jobs in private sector. This program plans to create more jobs for nationals. It will reduce unemployment rates further in coming time.

All these news shows high employment potentials in United Arab Emirates with growing economy.Job services UAE are playing vital role in attracting qualified and experienced individuals to get best jobs in industry.


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