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Current Scenario Of Job Services UAE

Posted by Job Search Service on May 24, 2011

Job services UAE

Every country has its share of up and down in the job market. UAE is a country where the job market also goes through many rotations of changes. Yet, according to the statistics, job services UAE offer far more decent hopes for the people than expected. Global crises and credit crunch are showing up in the United Arab Emirates. Dubai especially is getting a hang on these, which are affecting on the job services UAE. In spite of this, the latest news shows that the unemployment rate in Dubai is the lowest. Now, this is a very drastic observation, which poses many questions about the employment market in the UAE.

The latest survey on the job services UAE shows that 53% of the whole populations in UAE are employed. Again, there is a sector of people who have no intention to work. This sector constitutes of 19.9% of the population who do not desire to work. The population of UAE comprise of native citizens and expatriate workers from other countries in the world. So, the employment rate again has to be considered for those citizens too, who have migrated and have taken up the UAE citizenship. Statistics show that 79% of the populations, belonging to this sector, have an employment rate of 79% while 45% of the native nationals are employed.

The UAE landscape for employment has gone through many changes since it started competing in the job services UAE market globally. Still some big companies, stick to their preference of hiring quality employees for their processes. But, the competition in the UAE market is more fierce than expected. The wages and pay offered to the people are not that high in many cases. Hopefully, you can turn through the job services on this downturn soon and hope for a change.

People are expecting a phenomenal growth in the UAE employment scenario and looking forward for continued expansion in long term prospects. This means that people are looking for employment would come by easily. There are job opportunities in Dubai and will continue to be open for qualified candidates. There are a lot of vacancies in dozens of sectors and in countless posts within those sectors. In spite of all these sectors, the real challenge can be landing up with a Dubai employment contract.

The competition in the UAE employment market has become stiffer since the past few years. The labor pool in UAE comprises of people from all over of the world. As a result of this, most traditional methods in the job search strategy just do not seem to work out. You need to have more inside information and additional skill set in order to have more advantage over many others.

The UAE Minister of Labor, very recently reported that among the major driving forces, which has happened to their Arab World. There are two things. These two things are social justice and unemployment. But he also explained that unemployment in UAE was optional.

The number of people seeking jobs in UAE and especially in Dubai is increasing with time. So, the quicker you search for job services UAE, better will be your chances of a career in Dubai.


One Response to “Current Scenario Of Job Services UAE”

  1. Nice article about the situations floating in the Dubai job market. It’s true whatever goes down has to come up and vice-versa. So, you should be positive about the growth in the market and the job available from the same.

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