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Part Time Jobs in New York

Posted by Job Search Service on April 30, 2011

part time jobs  New York

Unemployment rate in U.S.

The state and regional saw a little difference in new employments in March. Thirty four states observed the decline in unemployment rate, while 7 of them have rate increase and 9 states plus Columbia district remained unchanged. These statistics were published by U.S.BLS – Bureau of Labor Statistics, o 19th April, 2011.

The April survey speaks the figures like: nonfarm payroll placement has risen by 216,000 in the month of March, 2011 and the unemployment rate changed little. Earlier it was 8.8%, with the increase in placement, it is declined by a slight change, so March figure is 7.7%.

Global economy

Northumberland Today, from Ontario had collected (April, 2011) the questions from the readers and the answers from the federal candidates for the same. Of these one query was the unemployment level has risen over the past year. What would you do to create jobs? The answer (in brief) was, NDP and the Conservatives shared, they will provide tax credits for every new hire and extend the Accelerated Capital Costs Allowance for the next 4 years and continue to focus on young employees entering particularly in tech, science, engineering and maths areas. Green Party and Liberal shared, they will make sure the fare share of funds in creating long term employment opportunities. And the key sectors in the global economy, where Canada has a strong foundation and potential resources. They are health, biosciences and digital technology.

Part Time Jobs – You can see through the online search, for this option. You get many results like the employers’ websites show the openings with them. The recruitment agencies have their own websites and the job boards where, you get to see many job sites together and the multiple vacancies too. You can register yourself with them, upload your resume and start applying for your relevant skills demanded posts. You can also check the option for intimating you the new relevant jobs to your inbox by giving your valid e-mail id to these job sites.

These job sites claim that there are more than 30000 part time jobs available throughout the country. This includes the student jobs and jobs for teens in New York. By just selecting the city or zip code, the job openings will be in front of you. This information is on Groove Job (NY) website.


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