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Archive for March, 2011

Is U.K heading towards another Job Depression?

Posted by Job Search Service on March 31, 2011

Job Services London

Job Services

Job Services

Unemployment is a predication in the private sector industry; it is predicted by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) that the year 2011 will see a sharp decline not only in the private but also the public sector job services.

Nearly 80,000 job services in the private sector and around 1, 20,000 job services in the public sector are said to be gone astray by the end of 2011.

Overseas call centers have played a major role in creating the vacuum in the job service industry of United Kingdom. It is very clear from the latest statistics that the year end will show a sharp rise of nearly 2.5 million unemployed people in London.

Youth unemployment also has been on the decline as per compared to the statistics of 2010, where the rate on general unemployment is close to 7.9% youth unemployment has hit its highest rate of 20.5%. The jobs service situation has been desolate for quiet some time in London.

It is not only a major matter of worry but also a matter of huge regret for the job service industry in United Kingdom. The only support these job services could do was creating a rise in the part time jobs to at least help somewhere to solve the problem of grave unemployment. The sudden rise in the need for part time services has also been of an all time record high since 1992. The worst hit in the employment depression is the labor market, the government has been doing their best to control the rate of unemployment in this sector by implementing newer laws and execute further cuts In the UK’s budget to bring down the deficit.

Job service in United Kingdom has to show an increase in their power to recruit or create more jobs to bring about at least a 2% growth in the Economy only then we can expect the situation of unemployment to come in control. It is high time the Government did act in a more professional manner in handling the economic crisis London’s job service market is facing, for every one job there are nearly 5 people who are eligible and in need. With the rise in inflation and decline in the employment rate the return of the great depression is very evident.


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Getting Job Is Very Easy With Job Services Offered By Jobsites

Posted by Job Search Service on March 28, 2011

Job services

The tasks are becoming easy with these solutions. It has created lots of job opportunities for the careerists. Internet also made it easy to search the jobs just by few clicks. Numerous jobsites offer variety of job services to the job seekers. Job sites are the sites having large databases of potential candidates as well as lists of available job postings. The fresher as well as the experienced employees can search jobs using these sites.

The jobsites today provide wide range of varieties to their users. Most of the job sites allow free registration on their site. With the advanced technology, the registration is also an easy activity. Most of the sites allow using your existing email address as their login id and other information need not be entered. These job sites are useful for both, employees as well as employers. Let us see the services offered by these sites.

  • These latest sites provide guidance on how to write resumes and applications etc., to the potential candidates. This guidance is very important these days. Because all the recruiting companies use software like resume parsers and analyzers in recruitment process. It is very important to write resume in software friendly manner in order to pass through the searching process. The decorations and formatting resume is needless for these automated systems.
  • Many recent job sites give career guidance for the users. Moreover, there are many opportunities related to your qualification and skill set. These sites help in knowing all these opportunities available for you.
  • Searching jobs with job sites is very easy task. There are many criteria like job field, location etc. for which you can search on the net.
  • The latest jobsites gives alerts, emails or messages to the registered candidates whenever there is any job opening that is suitable for your profile arrives on their site.
  • The employers can post their jobs on these sites. There is no need to give advertisement anywhere else. These sites provide number of potential candidates list registered with them.
  • Through the link of job posted, users can apply for that job.
  • These sites also offer interview questions and answers for the candidates as well as interviewers.

These job sites are very useful for both candidates as well as employers.

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Recent advancements in recruitment departments

Posted by Job Search Service on March 21, 2011

Today, each and every individual seeking education dreams to make bright and outstanding career in whatever he has excelled. For this purpose, various organizations and consultancies come together to help these blooming buds by offering great career prospects. Due to the introduction of advanced technologies and recent developments in almost all fields, even the branches and areas where people used to find no scope and scalability are coming up with bright chances to grow your career along with their progress.

Earlier, job and services were very negligible; also the competition was not so strong. So, it was easy to secure the position one wanted in the market. But now, the scene has changed completely. There are vast opportunities in almost every field, along with tremendous competitions. So, one needs to be very smart while searching the right path for prosperous future.

For meeting this huge demand and to overcome this issue, there are various application program and software that any organization can deploy in their infrastructure to make the management more strong, robust and effective too. The recently launched job related software works well for the recruitments related activities as well as managing of the current workforces in the organization. The latest software is capable of controlling the entire human resources along with maintaining the database of them with every single detail.

The latest software in the market that takes care of jobs and services has become an important asset for companies that have recruitments to be done on regular basis. This software saves the company’s time for researching candidates and also the money that would have spent on the traditional hiring process. The human resource jobs and services software is flexible and regarded as the best and effective tool for the management. This recruitment assists in giving human resources thousands of options without holding countless interviews of thousands of candidates. It can be mentioned as on on-demand recruitment management solution for the employers, who want to do business.

No matter, the size of the company and number of employees the recruitment software is, this latest innovation has geared the HR professionals in compiling the employers and employees together for a good purpose. This software saves the time of the company, helping the HR and also assists the candidates in building the future.

So, think no further and soon get this software for your organization and see the difference in just a 2-months time period.

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