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Archive for July, 2010

Finace and Accountant Jobs Market in UK

Posted by Job Search Service on July 31, 2010

Jobs in UK

UK or London recruiters divide finace and accounting jobs in four categories such as public practice, Banking & Finance, Public Sector and the Commerce Sector. Therefore, it has high scope for finace and accounting jobs regarding to these four major core sectors. You will get job according to your skill and knowledge or depending upon your total experience in that field.

Public practice sectors jobs are available for those students or employees who have knowledge of accounting. They fill vacancies or position within accounting companies only. That employee has highest qualification and more depth of experience in Accounting can get job in Big 4 companies normally called as second tier firms in UK, which are well renowned companies in UK. In addition, remaining employees are get job in small to medium companies. As you can list on internet, small companies in London are often much larger than what we would call small firms back at home. Therefore, it is easy to get job in this sector. So, mostly people who travel to UK for job prefers to choose this field for enhancing their knowledge and experience because in future they had great scope.

The banking and finance sectors jobs are especially for those people who have experience or knowledge in banking fields. This sectors team recruits employees in many fields such as bank, finance firms, agents, and insurance firms, investment firms etc. In London city has more than five hundred banks, which is most than that of any city in UK. Accountant job is considering to most respected job in UK.

Commerce is one of major sectors for finance and accounting jobs, which is dividing into many sub categories, which can, varies according to companies needs. It subset consists of Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG), Telecoms, Property, Legal, Oil & Gas, Manufacturing and Media and many more. Most experience peoples from public practice directly enter these fields and never look back because they had great prospects in these sectors. They normally get opportunity to work central and local government also get job in charitable and profitable organizations.

Those people who have strong interest in the social and environmental objectives also get opportunity to work in social industry. Each sector has its own strength so whatever opportunity you got in UK is always benefit for future so it will be easy to swap in different field. Because most experience people gets lots of opportunity than that of fresher. Financial reflections are at the foundation of all major business, so various jobs opportunities are available for financial analyst and business analyst. His roles differ from small to large companies such as he is in charge for the collection and preparation of accounts for small companies while plays important role in strategy planning in large companies.

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Scope of Financial Analyst in New Zealand

Posted by Job Search Service on July 30, 2010

Jobs in New Zealand

Before proceeding with the article, you should know who is a financial analyst? What work they are expected to do? What is there role in companies? What are there duties? And finally the scope of there work profile.

So, to begin do you know what you mean by the word ‘analyst’? Analyst means someone who is expert at analyzing a data. Similarly, financial analyst is a person who studies the financial performance of companies at the same time external and internal clients as a core part of his job. Financial analyst can be chartered financial analyst or finance financial analyst.Fianacial analyst help people in how and where to invest there money.

The work for companies as financial advisors, banks, insurance companies, mutual funds and security firms. The work they have to do is to prepare the reports and give ideas about what they found out and then they suggest buying or selling that firms stock build upon its overall present and probable potential. So, an analyst should have mere understanding of the present growth and development in there field and also be good in preparing a financial model to predict future economic conditions for any number of variables. To become a financial analyst you should have a master degree that is MBA. Most of the financial analyst has college degree in business, economics, accounting, statistics or finance. A good financial analyst should have an excellent math, computer and problem solving skills.

They should have a basic analytical skill with good communication. When working with client requires skills, confidence, maturity and ability to work on your own. He should also be able to make good presentations and to write clear reports which can be understood easily.

The duties of financial advisors involves a number of important tasks such as analyzing financial data, prepare them in relevant order, systems for forecasting.

There job involves the use of different software packages like ERP systems to integrate, spreadsheets, write reports and review all non-legal relevant information about future deals.

Financial analyst works in investment banking departments of securities often work in team, analyse the future prospectus, of the company that want to share t the public for the first time.

Financial analyst can be divided into two types

  • Buy side analyst
  • Sell side analyst

Buy side analyst work for the companies that have a great deal of money to invest. Such companies are also called as institutional investor that includes mutual funds, hedge funds, insurance companies and large non-profit organizations with large endowments.

Sell side analyst helps in securities dealers such as banks and other firms, sell stocks, bonds and other investment. Financial analyst usually works in office. There work times are t fixed, they may work for a long hours, travel frequently to visit any companies or potential investors and there is a lots of pressure of deadlines. Most of their research must be done after office hours because their days are full with phone calls and meetings.

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Electrical Jobs in India

Posted by Job Search Service on July 29, 2010

Jobs in India

India has the second highest country in population but also be one of fastest country for growing economies in various different service and industrial sectors. This results in increasing lots of job for various engineers. The demand for electrical engineers in India is one of them who are capable for working in different sectors and different areas such as electrical and electronics companies, power plants etc.

Electrical Engineering is one of the most core branches of engineering which leads to give birth to other engineering fields such as Electronics and telecommunication Engineering, Computer Engineering, Instrumentation and Information Technology. Due to its wide use in electronics appliances, it is renamed as Electrical and electronic engineering.

Electrical engineer normally works in power plants, which may be atomic or thermal power plants. They are also highly demand in public and private sector companies for example railways, civil aviation, and all types of manufacturing plants. They has to perform various tasks such as designing, controlling and protecting power system of any building or company, also responsible for circuit developing for any electronics equipment and many more. Electrical engineer is responsible for developing and innovation of new things.

Electrical Engineering is a vast field and always in high demand than that of other jobs. Now it is time for embedded system projects so those engineer who has electrical degree with some software courses are highly preferred. So, they have also chance to get job in software field too. They can enter in automation field because this field consists of technical, mathematical and scientific knowledge for developing and implementing new device or system. Therefore, they have wide scope in each and every fields and areas.

The demand for these engineers in India has grown suddenly because increment in designing and development fields. As increment in IT, software, construction, mechanical fields which leads to highly increment for electrical engineer jobs in this sectors and fields. Because of these engineers are responsible for designing, maintaining, and providing power supply to these fields and areas. Electrical engineer job profiles is not restricted up to particular areas as he contributes in all parts of company department such as quality, production, design and maintenance and many more.

As government allows investing lots of MNC in India, there are high prospects for these engineers and also increasing Indian economy very fast. Indian Government creating lots of job opportunity in government sectors which also helpful to increase lots of job for engineer. Pay scale for these engineers will depend upon their qualification and any previous experience. So it is really bright future for electrical engineers in India.

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Software Jobs in Australia

Posted by Job Search Service on July 27, 2010

Jobs in Australia

Software engineer jobs in Australia are in big boom. Essential formalities including Visa requirement are must for working in Australia. You can travel to Australia for job only on temporary basis. Department of immigration and citizenship of Australia provide you more details about visa requirement for working in Australia. For permanent employment, you need to apply for competitive Skilled Migrant scheme.

Due to recession in last year, alike the entire world, Australia suffered unemployment. In order to handle this situation, Australian government decided to change their migration scheme for new migrants to give him best and most securing employment in their country. Its job category is divided in to two main categories such as Critical Skills List and Skilled Occupation List. Critical skills list consists of those jobs that has highly shortage in their country for example software engineer requirement is very high in their country. Priority will get for that software engineer who has experienced in their particular field and necessary qualification. While skill occupation list contains different types of qualified engineer with their skills such as doctor, engineer etc and depending upon their demand, they offer job opportunity to other migrants.

Job scope for software engineer in Australia is highly in demand. This is because of extensive increment in software development field. Considering bright future in software industry, many companies in Australia have decided to invest their business in software development field that leads many job prospects for software engineer. Further, working hour for software engineers in their country is average of 37 hours in a week which is less than that of other countries and average salary is around $45000. Therefore, it is good for any software engineer to earn high amount of money within short period of time.

Using private employment agencies, you can apply for job in Australia. Contact details of various private employment agencies can be obtained by using Australian yellow page telephone exchanging directory. As these agencies are completely free so you can register it easily and get better chance to work in Australia. Each year career fairs are arranged so you can visit it to make your future bright. You also need to understand the logic behind hidden job market as these jobs are not advertised. So, it is easy to get job using any reference or sometime you need to contact employer directly to ask him about vacancy in his company.

Career growth for software engineer is very high in Australia because you will earn lots of money in short period of time. Additionally, you gain more experience your salary gets double. Jobs are mostly suitable for that software engineer who has experience in his particular field.

For more details about jobs in Australia, you can take aid of Save My Job. For further details visit London free job search engine service site for further assistance.

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Tourism Industry of Dubai

Posted by Job Search Service on July 27, 2010

Employment in Dubai

Dubai is the capital city of UAE and is developing very rapidly. As the most accepted career destination, it does not have scarcity of job opportunities for local as well as foreign workforce in various industries. Besides this, the city makes a very popular tourist spots as well in the Gulf.

The overall economy of Dubai is mainly dependent on tourism, real estate as well as financial service sectors after gas and oil. Number of tourists across the world throng the city for both leisure and business purposes. This arrival of tourists has obviously led to increase the demand for hospitality services, thus, opening various jobs opportunities in tourism industry. The tourism industry of Dubai is developed largely, since huge number of travelers visits the city every month.

In fact, it is quite easy for the emigrants to look for tourism jobs in Dubai since there large number of job vacancies in this sector. Highly trained and well qualified professionals are required in all the sectors of hospitality right from hotels to various travel agencies even in aviation sector, etc. People having experience and with international exposure usually hold greater chances of acquiring these jobs easily. The tourism industry of the city aims at offering world class amenities and services to all the international visitors and travelers and hence, it employs most excellent manpower for it. It generally serves both the high end tourists as well as low budget visitors while it the primary source of revenue for the city.

All these tourism jobs offered in Dubai are usually advertised in newspapers, job portals, various recruitment agencies or even the company websites. If you are interested, you can send your applications through any of these mediums. Today tourism is one of the most promising as well as credible means to begin with your career in any one states of UAE like taking up jobs in Cairo, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain etc. the tourism sector offers several job opportunities in hotels which are available in different departments like in catering divisions or restaurants, in front office, in housekeeping, in managerial levels, accounts department or supervisory positions. To acquire senior level jobs, you require basic professional and educational qualifications as mostly well experienced people are only recruited. Thus, availability of this huge number of jobs in the tourism sector emphasizes that experts in the field of service sectors all across the world are employed in the city of Dubai.

Jobs in the aviation sector as air hostess, pilots, cabin crew, ticketing staff ,porters etc are also available in large in various airlines. Many International traveling agencies hire people those having good selling as well as convincing skills in order to magnify their customer base. Therefore, Dubai’s tourism industry has large scope of the growth that offers large number of career options to emigrants.

For more details about job opportunities in Dubai you can visit us at Save My Job’s London free job searches service site.

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Medical Jobs in Australia

Posted by Job Search Service on July 26, 2010

Employment in Australia

For well qualified doctors, Australia offers a wide range of exciting job opportunities. Since there are staff shortages, the Australian government, individual territories and states are relaxing the laws of immigration to welcome qualified as well as training medical professionals to enter in to the country in order to play an active role in providing quality health care provision. According to Dr Bruce Swanson of the South Australian Department of Health, policies to encourage people from overseas to fill available medical jobs in Australia is the only logical solution, especially in the short to long term.

In a recent paper released by Dr Swanson, he postulates that a major undersupply of doctors and other medical staff is the underlying reason for not achieving the desired benefits and goals of the public health system.  Furthermore he goes to highlight that under the recent policy conditions, approximately 3,000 to 4,000 doctors are needed to meet the ongoing demands of the public health. Likewise, only 1,800 Australians students complete their medical school every year presently, leaving back the deficit of 1,000 to 2,000 per year which should be filled by permanently and temporary migrating doctors. In addition, this trend will continue to worsen in the future, along with an estimated 30% to 50% of the Australians medical workforce in the probable future coming by way of foreign talent. In proportion the figures, are much similar that are applied to the different positions within the medical fraternity.

Besides this one of the complicating factors is in providing healthcare facilities in Australia due to the sheer size and the landmass of the country. Since most of the people are living in the rural and sometime the remote locations, much away from the centralized health and care services based in cities. Thus in response to this, there is growing numbers of medical job vacancies available in Australia that are located away from the main centers.

Recent events like natural resource booms, retirees and families are moving away from the main cities and also the increasing domestic tourism has led to huge numbers of potential patients getting out of the major hubs of the healthcare provision. Many of them are considered to be the large users of healthcare services, as a huge proportion generally are elders and many are away from the usual support networks. Thus considering these factors, increased pay offerings as well as support from territorial government has encouraged more number of healthcare professionals to accept medical jobs in rural and also in outback Australia.

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