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Doctor – A Noble Profession in India

Posted by Job Search Service on May 22, 2010

Doctor job in India

Doctor is a word, when heard by anyone can immediately develop respect in the heart. It is the noblest profession in all the professions available throughout the world. Being a doctor is having the responsibilities more, than the privilege. Doctor is considered as a highly responsible person because he can save a life of human being, when the patient is in critical condition. There are many departments in the field as well as designation of doctors. The doctor can be just for checking fever and to giving medicines or a surgeon, who performs operations on the patient to make them out from danger or from the illness. There are many fields in which one can become specialized doctor. It can be from brain to any part of the body or even there are general practitioners who check each part of the body and give medicines, but they do not check in them in depth.

Doctors have the highest responsibilities over the life of the patient. There are many critical situations, when doctor play the most important role in saving life of the patient. It is the most demanding profession throughout the globe. The profession is just of helping the community, rather than what you can get from the community.

The characteristics that a doctor should have are as follows. The most important characteristic is that doctor should have good memory as well as he should be able to recollect the information, whenever required. He should be regular in his studies; this is because there are always new researches done for some or the other diseases. Those updates are provided through websites as well as through journals. The understanding power should be more; he should able to understand the things and grasp them at a quicker rate. The basic qualification from which a person can become doctor is higher secondary exam with physics, chemistry and biology. Rules vary different from states to states in India. After higher secondary class, a common entrance test is to be given for medical. There are many colleges that conduct their own entrance test. Depending upon the results and the merit list, the candidates get the seat in the college.

There is a program of 5 to 6 years in the field of medicine leading to the Bachelors degree in Medicine and Surgery, popularly known as M.B.B.S. The medicine field includes study of allopathic, drugs, surgery and counseling. Another field is dentistry, which is related to the prevention and treatment of oral diseases of the teeth with the help of allopathic drugs. The degree, which is given to the dentist, is the Bachelors Degree in dental surgery, popularly known as B.D.S.

The field of doctor is very interesting and challenging and opportunities for the same are present in India. To know more about this context and many more job opportunities, visit Save My Job London employment search service site.


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