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Archive for May, 2010

Can You Measure Financial Risk – Be an Actuary

Posted by Job Search Service on May 31, 2010

Job in India

Actuary is a business profession, where financial impact of the risk and uncertainty is measured for any particular business. The expert assessment is done by the actuary about the financial security system and the focus is on the complexities, calculations present in them and the mechanisms available in them. To minimize the losses, actuary performs some mathematical calculations, which help them to quantify the contingent outcomes of those calculations.

The losses can be financial as well as that of emotional, which are associated with many uncertain events such as death, which cannot be avoided by anyone. There are many people whose death can incur a huge financial impact and to reduce this kind of impact, actuary is present. The events can impact on the balance sheets as well as on the management of the assets and liabilities as well as on the valuation skills. A program should be design and managed by the vagaries of the information system that can be used to control the risk by understanding the human behavior as well as analytic skills, business knowledge.

Actuary is considered to be the best job in the world. According to a survey in year 2010, actuary is a job that has been ranked as number one job. It is considered as a best job considering five main elements such as environment, income, outlook of employment, physical demands as well as stress required. In all the fields, it was on the top of chart. You can get the best income with very less stress required to take. In the earlier years, it was among top 25 best professions which were expected to have the best demand in the future.

To become an actuary man in India, you have to become a fellow member of the Institute of Actuaries of India or it can also be referred to as an Actuary. To get the membership of the institute, an examination has to be passed at various stages as well as fulfilling the required conditions from time to time. To appear for the examination you have to first register yourself as the student of the institute and for this the minimum requirement is the graduation with some mathematical subject as a major subject. The mathematical subject can be mathematics, statistics, engineering, econometrics and actuarial sciences.

The examination is divided into 4 groups called as series and there are total 15 subjects. The groups are CT, CA, ST and SA. The examinations are conducted twice in the year, ones in the May-June and the other is in October- November. You can give as many attempts as you want to clear the examination.

The actuaries have wide area work from insurance to investments and from government academics to risk management and reinsurance companies. To know more on this context and other related topics, visit Save My Job London Jobs service site


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Job Market Of Australia

Posted by Job Search Service on May 29, 2010

Australian Jobs

The Australian job market is highly flourishing these days. The worldwide recession is coming to end everywhere, throughout the globe. There are lots of dramatically changes in this economy and everyone believes that this economy is one of the strongest economies in the world. The Australian economy is continuously a growing economy, over the last 20 years. It has managed to become more and more high up, as time goes by.

In 1990’s, several financial slumps were coming in many areas of Australia, which pulled back many years of Australian economy, effectively. However, some significant investments and numerous overseas companies were looking to gain exposure to Australia. In 2009 recession, it was interesting to observe that Australia was one of the first countries that significantly departed from the worldwide recession, due to its strong economy. The strength of the Australian economy became visible to be ongoing and certainly many people considered that interest rates in Australia could move higher and higher towards the end of the year 2010. It could be indeed a means to reduce the recovery and oppose the potential problem, which could be inflation.

Traditionally, natural resources and commodities with mining have conquered the Australian employment market. However, some of the biggest mining industries of the world are situated in the Australia. Therefore, the employment opportunities are frequently increased over last few years. Today’s, Australia is developed into a Western-style industrialist nation that has a great deal to propose and has been established as very flexible in the present days. The main and basic Australian industries are oil, minerals, wool, gold, meat and cereals. However, side by side, it has shown huge growth in the service and tourism sector and this sector is continuously growing. It also makes some scope for the jobs seekers, as well.

The working condition and working practice in Australia is very similar to that of UK. Those who move from Australia to UK will experiences the similar condition and practice. The average working week time in Australia is very much similar to UK and it is 37 hours. Maximum people in Australia work from Monday to Friday, with overtime payments for working in these additional hours. The employers pay the four weeks payment to the employees and the other facilities are provided to them. It includes a choice of ten days paid personal leave, which caters career breaks and sick leaves. There have been enormous development and improvement in the working conditions and working practices in Australia. This is mainly due these working conditions and work practices, a number of people are continuously attracted from overseas.

To know more about the status of current job market in Australia, do visit our service site Save My Job London employment search service site..

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Pharmacy Jobs in U.S

Posted by Job Search Service on May 28, 2010

Employment in America

Pharmacists provide knowledge about drugs and help patients to understand instructions given by their health practitioners. They supervise patients’ health and development to make sure their medications work efficiently and securely. In 2006, pharmacists had 243,000 jobs. Most worked in community pharmacies and were salaried employees, some self-employed. Nearly, a quarter worked in hospitals. Rest worked in clinics, mail order and Internet pharmacies, pharmaceutical wholesalers, physician’s offices, or the Federal government.

To work as a pharmacist, one must have a Doctor of Pharmacy degree, known as a Pharm D. This is a four-year long course, accredited by the Accreditation Consul for Pharmacy Education (ACPE). To get entry, two years of college study along with math, chemistry, biology, physics, humanities and social sciences. Normally applicants need to attempt the Pharmacy College Admissions Test. Doctor of Pharmacy programs include coursework in pharmaceutics and pharmaceutical chemistry, pharmacology, toxicology and pharmacy administration.

Other Requirements: In U.S., pharmacists must get through the North American Pharmacist Li censure exam directed by the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP). Most states demand graduates to pass the Multi state Pharmacy Jurisprudence Exam, a test of pharmacy law, also administered by the NABP. Other states conduct another exam that tests knowledge of pharmacy law. Several states require additional state specific exams. Except California, grant license transfers from other states. To become a successful Pharmacist, one must have scientific ability and good communication skills.

Advancement of Pharmacists: After getting adequate experience independent pharmacists may turn into owners or part owners and acquire the capital. Those working in chain drugstores, promoted to supervisors or store managers, then district or regional managers and finally executive positions at the headquarters. Hospital pharmacists, promoted to supervisory positions. Those who work in the pharmaceutical industry may work in marketing, sales, research, or quality control.

Job Outlook for Pharmacists: Employment of pharmacists is taking a meteoric rise faster than the average for all occupations through 2016.

Profit ratio: Annual earnings in the industries employing the largest numbers of Pharmacists (2006)• Grocery stores: $95,000

D Grocery stores: $95,000

General medical and surgical hospitals: $93,640

Pharmacies and drug stores: $94,640

Pharmacist’s Life:

Advise physicians and health practitioners regarding doses, selection, interactions and side effects of medications;

Monitor health and development of patient’s response towards drug therapy;

Advice patients and answer questions about prescription drugs, including questions about possible side effects and interactions between different drugs;

Provide information and recommend about OTC drugs;

Give advice regarding diet, exercise and stress management;

Help patients to control sugar level, asthma, smoking cessation and hypertension;

Advise patients regarding durable medical equipment and home health care supplies;

Assistance in completing third party insurance forms and paperwork;

Pharmacists, who own drugstores supervise personal, as well have other general managerial duties.

To know more about the job market in different locations, Save My Job London employment is the best option for all.

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Economist – A Career about Philosophies in Market

Posted by Job Search Service on May 27, 2010

Career choice

The professional in the discipline of economics who study, develop as well as apply theories and concepts from the economics is known as an economist. There are many small fields in the field of economics, which includes markets, macroeconomics, microeconomics, financial statement analysis and many other tools such as econometrics, statistics, economic computational models, mathematical finance and mathematical economics.

Economist affects large group of people with the kind of statements they put in in front of people. As they analyze the economic data and statistics as well as the government give away indications about the trend the future is going to take place. Economic forecast for saving the funds of people or to increase them looking at the future financial interests of the employees is done by the economist.

The main change in the academia or economics came since around 1900. It was taken as profession and the debate for the mathematical techniques and public discourse orientation started taking place between the scholastic orientation and the economist. There are many top universities in the world where there is a department named as economics department where the degree awarded to the student in economics. To get good knowledge or to get a PhD in economics takes around 6 years of time. Even noble prize is also awarded in the field of economics every year for the contribution in the field of economics.

As a profession, economist works in the government as well as in the private sector. Economists assess the information such as economic activity of the country or world, consumer attitudes and economic confidence level with the help of advanced methods in the field of statistical analysis, mathematics and other fields of economics. Accordingly recommendations are done about the ways the efficiency of the system will be improved and how to take the advantage of the trends as they start. There is no special license is required for the economist the way it is required for engineering, law or medicine fields. The bachelors and the masters degree in economics is the minimum credential considered for the economist. In many countries, a person is considered to be an economist if he is having degrees of 4 to 5 universities.

The employment of economics is done in banking, finance, accountancy, market and the field where there is currency is active. The organization can be profit or non profit making organization. Before any policies are enacted, politicians do consult economists which help them to take the proper decision and can help the people of the country rather than putting a burden of that policy on them. The field of economics is a field where immense knowledge about the financial activity is required. To know more on this context and other job related fields, visit Save My Job London employment vacancy service site.

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Media Jobs in India

Posted by Job Search Service on May 26, 2010

Media job in India

India is one of the fastest growing nations and has great potential for job openings in various sectors. Nowadays, media journalism jobs in India are blooming. For mass media jobs, it is possible to search radio jobs, jobs in newspaper, TV jobs, radio jobs, online websites, internet media jobs and other print media companies. In addition to this, advertising, PR (Public relations), video and sound jobs can also offer great opportunities as mass media jobs.

Television! It is the biggest leader in digital media. The number of channels are increasing day by day and hence the opportunities. From old age people to housewives and kids are fascinated by TV. To meet the demands and user needs all channels are trying to grab attention. To cope up with this demand there is need of more and more qualified and skilled professional.

Due to great technological advancement in the field of DTH, broadband and IPTV the number of channels and demand for TV as an electronic media has increased drastically. In coming years it is expected that will grow further. This can definitely give rise to excellent career opportunities for media journalism jobs in India. Further, electronic media has experienced the expansion in the terms of channel numbers. News, channels, sports channels, cartoon channels, movie channels are gaining great popularity.

Besides television, Radio with latest FM channels has gained a great momentum nowadays. From older people to young buzz, all love to rock with FM. This has led to exciting opportunities in media journalism job sector. In addition to this, there are excellent job opportunities in the print media giants. Since few decades, print media has shown remarkable growth and is giving rise to many journalism jobs opening. Also it has led to profuse growth. Since its advent, media journalism has grown on a large scale and that creates a true need of numerous qualified and experienced personnel. Entertainment and Information sector is in high demand and if you have right capabilities then you can make your future bright with right opportunity.

In addition to the conventional media sectors, Internet has gained attraction of all. There is great change in our life, the way we communicate, we work and much more. The media journalism jobs in India related to Internet are growing highly. Numerous news sites are seeking personnel for various posts like editors, journalist, reporters and writers. In addition to this, to get notified in the huge sea of website, it is need to design and maintain website properly. Hence there is great demand for web maintaining team.

All in all, there are numerous prospects for the media industry in India. If you intend to seek some expert aid to find out perfect job in India then Save My Job can be right aid for you. You can visit our London Job hunt service site for more details.

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Police officer in India – a run against crime

Posted by Job Search Service on May 25, 2010

Public service jobs in India

Police officer in India comes under the service called Indian Police Service or popularly known as IPS or simply known as Indian Police. Indian police service is considered to be one of the top three services of the government of India. Other than IPS other services of the Government of India are Indian Administrative Services or IAS and Indian Forest Service or IFoS. The main objective of the Indian Police Service defined by the government of India is to maintain the order, enforcement of law as well as detect and prevent crime. The roles and functioning of the Indian police officer are as follows.

The main role of the officer of the police force is to maintain the public peace and order, prevention of crime as well as investigation and detection of crime. The other role that the police officer does is to provide a good security to the VIP, railway policing, to do disaster management whenever some disaster such as natural calamities takes place, to protect the laws for the environment as well as to enforce the socio-economic legislation. There are many other activities that the police officers in India perform, which are related to crime, to tackle smuggling of goods, drug trafficking, stop corruption in public life, border policing so that any refugee does not perform any illegal activities.

According to the leading and commanding, there are other agencies of the police force where the best and the most effective police officers are kept in-charge. The main agencies that act as the intelligence agencies of India like Research and Analysis wing or (R&AW), intelligence bureau or IB, central bureau of investigation or popularly known as CBI and the crime investigation department or also known as CID. There are other important department which operates when there is some emergency existed in the country. These forces are Para military forces which consist of central police organisation, central paramilitary forces or border security forces as well as central reserve police force, national security guard and many more such kind of agencies which are called only when special requirement is there.

To become a police officer, the candidate must clear the entrance exams, which are held by UPSC held Civil Services. UPSC or Union Public Service Commission test is the common entrance examination that is conducted for the selection of the IPS officer. The civil service examination is the three level selection processes. The first level consists of the preliminary exam, then main exam is taken and the last stage is the interview. The candidate who clears the preliminary exam goes for the next exam which is the main exam. In this second round, candidate has to select two optional subjects other than seven other subjects; the candidate has to apply for nine papers in the main examination.

After clearing the main exam, the candidate is allocated to their cadres. Every state in India other than Assam-Meghalaya, Manipur-Tripura and Arunachal-Goa-Mizoram has there own cadres. Over there they get training and they are interviewed.

Joining the police force and becoming the officer of the most efficient police force in the world is a great job to perform, for more information visit Save My Job London employment searches service site.

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