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Archive for March, 2010

Must- Haves in Your Resume

Posted by Job Search Service on March 31, 2010

Job Search Techniques

After the bubbling recession, the situation in the job market is getting a bit stable now. Company people have started announcing new openings, but still the organizations are hiring quiet experienced employers. So it’s very necessary to keep yourself well prepared, to begin with let’s have a small start with your resume. Resume is the first thing that is looked by the interviewer anywhere so lets have a look on how your resume should look like and what are its essentials.

The first to keep in mind is your contact information. But you might get surprised that very often something very simple like the accurate contact information is left off the resume. Make sure that you provide reliable way to the potential employer to get in touch with you: this includes your phone number, email address, and even the physical mailing address. But do not stop here. Include your digital IDs, like your Twitter account name, may be your website, or any of your Face book pages pertaining to your craft.

View your own resume as one of the marketing piece that you are selling yourself to the potential employer. And what many of the employers wants to buy is the worker with relevant and necessary experience to jump in and contribute from the very beginning. Make use of your resume as a tool that showcases your relevant experience. Instead of sharing you’re all the achievements and interests, list your experience that you have and that the employer is looking for, even though it’s not a major part of the job description.

Many of the human-resource staff members will most of the times automatically scans the resume or use some digital database or software to check for definite keywords that are related to the position for what they are hiring you. If you are known with the position and the work within the industry, you might know some important words to be used.

The other important thing is your number. No, not only your phone number. In order to draw the attention of the potential employer, it’s the thing that is going to help if you would provide some bottom-line data to enumerate what you have achieved in the past.
Mostly all the jobs require a definite set of skills. Do not leave the potential employers wondering if at least you have some basic skills that are required for the position

Title is yet another important aspect to look at. This is the time to shine. Do not gloss over the past done jobs with generic titles. Try to be more descriptive long with being accurate as well. For example simply listing as “PR Assistant,” you can instead  get more detailed by putting up like  “Media Liaison, Event Coordinator or a  In-House Writer.

For more details on job search you can take aid of Save My System. We provide ample information regarding job search, recruitment etc. To get more about us, visit our London job hunt services site.


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Part Time Job Opportunities For College Students

Posted by Job Search Service on March 30, 2010

Career Opportunities

Are you a college student? Would you like to earn while you learn? If yes, then here is a solution. Part time jobs are the perfect means, by which you can earn your own pocket money without disturbing your college schedule. Besides giving you opportunity to earn some money, part time jobs can provide you with some functional on-job experience.

From decades now, there is great development in the educational sector. The expenditures on college and higher education have increased drastically. It has put burden on those students who live in hostels. They have to bear expenses for leaving, meals and other expenses. This has really compelled most of the students to seek part time job. In part time job, you have to work for three to four hours. Therefore, you are able to attend your college and do the job in rest of the time. For college students, there can be negative impacts of the part time jobs such as tensions, over exertions. However, students who have capability to handle the situation can go for the part time jobs to make money while learning. Part time job will surely help them to get the much essential on job experience. This comes handy while making your studies for accounts, management or the engineering.

If you have determination and flare to do something big in your life then you can go for the part time jobs. First of all, you have to keep all your hesitation aside. No work is inferior this viewpoint will give you great job satisfaction and mind set to do any kind of job. Let us have a look at some of the best part time job opportunities.

First option is to work with a Stock Broking Company. This can be a best part time job for college students. Nowadays there is big boom for stock market. Several job opportunities in many broking companies are available. There are many entry-level positions offered to students who are making their studies in topics such as business administration, mathematics or finance. By means of a part time job in a brokerage firm, college students are able to get extensive realistic information. They get fabulous opportunity to do actually, what they learn in their books. This can make them to understand the concepts very clearly.

They are able to know various things including how exactly the stock exchange works, what are the ways to render the portfolio management services, what are the responsibilities of a broker, et.  This on-job experience will make them to clear all their finance related concepts. They can have deep understanding about the actual process.  This experience will be definitely helpful in their future when they will get the job after graduation.

There are several job opportunities in other sectors like content writing, restaurants, car showrooms and much more. If you want to get more information on part time jobs and job opportunities abroad, then Save My System can be very helpful. For more information in this context, you can visit our London Part time jobs service site.

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Techniques To Get A Better Job

Posted by Job Search Service on March 29, 2010

Job Search

Everyone on the globe needs a job and the question comes in that how to get a better job. The solution is here now. Giving few of the techniques that will help any job seeker to get a better job. These techniques had been given by many professionals, when they see the resumes of people they found few things very interesting that impressed them, while a few things that should not be included in the resume. Resume is considered to be a marketing tool used to promote ourselves to the potential employers for the purpose of obtaining interview. Before we start with the techniques we should also know few things.

Whenever we submit our resumes to any company, we should attach a cover letter to it, which can create a good impression on the HR of the company. When writing a covering letter, even a small thing can make a big difference. There are different types of cover letters available, such as custom cover letter, personalized cover letter and email cover letter. In every cover letter, format is different and the content can also be different. The cover letter should be designed specifically for that purpose and writing customized for that position. All the points should properly cover all the basics and check the details twice properly before applying to any company. We should check the information given in our resume and in the covering letter properly. It should not vary; if it varies it will be considered that you are providing false information.

Now we will see how our resume should be. The most important part of the resume is the resume title. You should submit different versions of your resumes to different jobs. Moreover, here the title field should vary, according to the job you are applying. The title should be such that it is easily transferable, for e.g. you can mention your name in it, as whenever the resume is forwarded or saved to the computer it is clearly known that the resume is yours.

The second most important point in the resume is the strength of yours. In this section, you should mention all the skills you have. The participation in different activities you took. And many more features of yours that should tell the interviewer that why he should take you in the company, what makes you perfect to fit in that company.

Similar question are always asked in the interview; the strength and weakness you have, in this question most of the interviewer try to see only three things in you; confidence, self-evaluation and desire. In confidence they search for what you are proud of, in self-evaluation they will like to see what you want to improve and in desire they will like to see what plans you are making to achieve the improvements which you had found during the evaluation. You should never give fake answers for these questions, even though only you know your strength and weakness. If you give fake answers, it reflects on your face and the interviewer can easily notice it. These few techniques can help you to get a better desired job.

For more such techniques, visit Save My System and get the better job you are searching for. We can help you to get your dream job. To get more details, you can contact London career choice services site.

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Part Time Job- A Need For Every Student In London

Posted by Job Search Service on March 27, 2010

UK Part Time Jobs

To survive in London, which is considered as one of the costliest cities in the entire Europe, each student who come to London from other country first start with searching of part time job? According to the government rules and regulations, every student is allowed to work part time for 20 hours, per week and the students who are from European countries can work full time and earn minimum of 5.35 pounds per hour, which they get on daily basis or on weekly basis or on the basis of completion of assignments.

However, during vacations (3 months a year), every student can work full time. Even the wages depends on the level of position, your knowledge, and expertise relevant to that job. For employment purpose, over 3,00,000 candidates visit UK every month. However, it is not an easy task to get a part time job. To get a good job, at least 3 months you have to wait, as many students keep on searching for part time job and it becomes more of a frustrating task, when one don’t know where to start with. Recent trends in the market of London indicate an upsurge in the vacancies of the part time jobs, thereby increasing the demand for the labor in the London.

Every country has created public employment agency, as a way to fulfill the requirement of the unemployed people and help them to get work. London similarly has an employment agency that helps students and unemployed people to get work. A student can work as a tutor in the university or as a waiter in any café or restaurant or can do marketing for products. Even the student can work in the field in which they are studying as a nursing student can work as a nurse in the hospital, which can help the student to learn more about their fields.

Generally, international students work in a fast food restaurant as a waiter, it helps them to earn good money as well as at some places students are allowed to have their meals at their job place itself. This helps students to save their money. Part time jobs are available in most sectors across London and the skills, education, knowledge required for the aspirants will be depending upon the job type. Generally in the part time jobs, which the students normally do, does not require any kind of experience but still the candidate has to rely on his education to get his part time job.

To know more about part time jobs in London, you can visit Save My System’s global job search service site.

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Job Hunting Methods

Posted by Job Search Service on March 26, 2010

Job Search Strategies

Nowadays, many ways are available to get a job. By means of advanced job search techniques, you can get the desired job in easier and faster way. Job hunting is essential yet intricate part. It needs proper focus, determination and discipline. Good eye for bright future opportunities and strength of mind will let you make your dream true. Now, let us take a look at various job hunting methods.

First one and effective job hunt method is Mass Media. It means to visit trade websites, search the online ads and classifieds, read trade journals etc. all these ways are valid yet passive ways to find career opportunities.

Useful Tips from Colleagues- Good network of friends, colleagues, neighbors, family friends, coworkers can aid you to get information about the job openings. If you maintain good contacts and healthy relationships then it will surely help you to get to know about the job opportunities.

Social Networking Websites- Social networking websites is another useful method to find appropriate job. It has proved to be a potent means for college kids and high school students to have a word with each other, share their thoughts and information they know with each other. It seems to be a valid means of business and communication. You can make use of such sites to be in contact with friendly competitors and colleagues. This may prove to be precious for helping you to find right kind of job. By means of this you can get part time jobs, freelancing works or employment opportunities that suit your field and need. This is perfect solution for the people who experience stress in social situations.

Besides job hunting methods, you need to possess certain qualities, which can prove to be an added advantage in your job search process. First of all, if you have good educational background and are sending out resumes to numerous companies but are not getting call for an interview, then surely your resume needs to be revised. Your resume talks about you and your assets in your absence. That’s why this first impression should be perfect like bow on the center of dart. If it hits perfectly then surely you will get a call for an interview.

In addition, you have to be prepared and ready to work on part-time basis, freelance or contract. At least something is better than nothing. It will surely give you experience. It will teach you lots of things like scheduling, communication etc. which can prove to be an added advantage in future. Furthermore, you should be willing to move. If feasible accept the challenge to work elsewhere from where you live. It will give you great experience along with great opportunities. Afterwards you may find that place better than where you live. Never say no to work outside from where you live if all other things are pretty good.

All above things will surely aid you to get better job and have great working experience. Save My System can be best job search engine for you. We provide job hunt services in almost fifteen countries. For more details, you can contact our employment opportunities London website.

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Effective Job Search Tips

Posted by Job Search Service on March 25, 2010

Job Search strategies

Thinking on what part you are lacking while passing an interview. Having good personality as well as impressive academics, still facing failure in interviews? Root cause of this is your Resume. Your resume acts as a mirror for you. Resume is most important factor for an effective job search. This is because most of the human resource finds for unique and somewhat indifferent resume. However, most often we do not pay much attention to this aspect. We just copy one of the friends resume and make some modifications in it, accordingly. So try to make your resume more updated one with proper layout. This will surely increase your chances of getting a better job.

Make your resume such that it will focus on good points of yours. Try to use words like motivation, focus, etc. This will surely make good impression about you. In addition, attempt to make your resume inimitable and unique. For such, you will also seek help from professional agencies, as well as online portals. With the help of these agencies, you can achieve a good and professional resume. In the resume, write about your recent projects and responsibilities you handle. Moreover, while going for interviews, do not forget to memorize all the projects and their synopsis.

However, it is somewhat luck factor hidden behind for getting best job, never lack in your efforts. Try to face more interviews. By doing so, you can make out good and bad points about yourself. Work out on your bad points and make your good points more impressive. For getting a good job, increase your network and connectivity with people. In addition, while facing interview focus on good qualities, skills and qualification.

While selecting job, think whether it is suited for you and are you happy with it. If you are happy then only you can do the work with full dedication and achieve work -satisfaction from the same. For almost 7-8 hours/ day, you spend on workplace. So it is necessary to look for all this factors. While if you are an experience person make sure you are paid according to your qualification and achievements. Make clear discussion about your salary and other benefits like retirement fund, overtime policies etc. In addition, try to learn company policies and corporate culture.

For searching best job, it is necessary to think about your comfort zone. Now a days in many MNC’s they term Night shift as a mandatory. Hence, point out all such different things you are expecting from intended job and then start searching. After periods salary as well as other factors also makes impact on job. Other factors include location of job, neighborhood, touring etc.

Here, at Save My System, we give you updated information about job market on your respective field. for further details you can visit our you can visit our London job hunt services site.

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