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Archive for February, 2010

Job Search Techniques

Posted by Job Search Service on February 27, 2010

Global Job Market
If you are looking out actively for job change, you need to follow certain rules of job you may find yourself with multiple versions of resume and coping cover letters or business cards. Keep all your job components in place and in organized manner. If your experienced person, you may need to keep track of appointments, from where you have calls at what time. Calendar you should use for keeping track of messages which is best personal style for your job search. You can even contact online agencies, which will help you get best job available for you in the market.

There can be thousands of jobs listed on the job-search web portals. However, you need to select out of one and try your level best to get. You even can find specialized jobs aboard without even visiting the place, which was impossible earlier. You have to specify your career interests on these website job portals and they will find the right job for you. Keywords play important role while searching the job. You can narrow your search results by specifying your skills on web portal. Mostly zip code of countries works with any online job-search web portal.

There is even advanced job search options that will narrow the results. You can narrow it by job title wise, company name or for particular industry. You can save the matching job search results, as you will get the e-mail alerts from the job-search website portal. You can even make appropriate settings with your online account that will apply for particular job as soon as it is posted on company’s site. You may get noticed first by your prospective employer which automatically increases your chances of getting your dream job. It creates a positive impression as it shows your seriousness towards the job.

There are many online website portals that give fake job requirements. Be careful about such job listings. They promise you easy and quick income. While searching job be organized. Store your all job offerings in separate folder. Go through these job offerings and take a closer look as what type of offers you are getting. If these job offerings are not what you are looking for then make appropriate changes to your online resume.

If you are open to more than one type of job, then create two different resumes and manage two different folders for different offers. If you don’t get in reply for companies where you have applied, you can even send them reminder mails. Saving the e-mails you get from website portals will help you in future. Save My System assists you for excellent job openings with online job search web portal. Moreover, we are even dedicated to provide affordable data-recovery support services.


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Job Markets

Posted by Job Search Service on February 26, 2010

Career Search

The west faced yet another recession, which obviously had a direct impact on the number of job losses; however in the previous few months it has all been about acquisitions, mergers and collapses and restructuring of companies the world over.

However; companies in India are on a different platform altogether. The country’s job market scenario is insulated from the effects of global financial crisis. They are quiet “optimistic” about the economic growth here in the country.

India is a productive market and we are going steady in the region, UK based company made a statement that “India will not be affected by any of the job losses elsewhere”. Now is the big question. How does one find a job in today’s changing market? For better understanding about this, the following steps might help in knowing how job consultants operate and how one can make them work for you.

First and foremost; Identification of ones skills, list them with the level of competency against each skill as this will help the employer in selection of the right candidate and if you are one of them then the job offer will definitely come your way without any doubt.

The next step is to zero down on the placement agency, which specializes in the type of skills, which match up with the ones you have. There are several placement agencies, which are into long term as well as short term employment staffing. The moment you come across one such agency, make an appointment with the representative. On the day of the meeting, the agency will test your skills as mentioned in your profile and the resultant scores will determine the kind of remuneration, which you can expect. Once you are through with this evaluation and the agency has found you suitable, their job starts in order to market your skills in the relevant market. It is imperative that they match your competencies with the right employer.

If for instance, you are offered a temporary job to start of with, do not hesitate to accept that offer which has come your way, as it is quiet possible that these temporary job can and do lead to permanent jobs. The idea is carry out your duties with sincerity and honesty and to the best of your ability which the employer would be noticing from time to time. Then that day is not far away when you may be considered for a permanent role looking at your performance over a period of time. Motive is to work and be paid. More than often one need to go through the grind to land with a job, which one can call a “dream job”.

There is a single message for all “If one is passionate about what he/she is doing then you will always get what you deserve which is the best”. If you want to seek some aid in this concern then Save My System is the perfect solution for you. For more information on good employment opportunities, job hunt, global job search you can visit our London PC repair service site.

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Hot jobs in India

Posted by Job Search Service on February 25, 2010

Jobs Opportunities in India

As we all know, world is slowly coming out of the recession period, so now its time to take a look at the emerging job market in India, and spot the hot jobs that various companies are offering. Since several big corporations are setting up their operations in India, there is much demand for the senior level executives all the time. Apart from the expertise and managerial as well as technical skills that professional possess, the capacity of handling traits in complex situations are enabling them to gain and enjoy good positions for themselves. Looking at the current economic situation of the country, the employers are ready to hire people as they did earlier.

The hiring scenario in 2009 showed that the specialists and skilled professionals in various fields were in demand but they will be much in demand in the year 2010 than ever before. The hot jobs in India for the year 2010 will be mostly among the ones listed below. All those who are looking for new jobs or entering into a new career have many options to try out and all the hot jobs in these sectors are going to be highly payable for sure. IT and ITES sector is one field that has witnessed a greatest setback due to recession, but it is also one of the highly paid sectors in India. IT sector is expected to grow extensively by the year 2010 with increase in the employment prospects as well. BPO industry is expected to grow rapidly creating round about 2,30,000 more jobs.

The next emerging market will be the aviation industry. Many Aviation companies today have very less number of pilots. In the year ahead, it is expected that this sector is going to rise of about 25 to 30 percent and accordingly more jobs will be lined up. Approximately more than a hundred airlines are going to be added to the existing ones. Some of the positions where manpower will be required are airline manager, airport mangers, cabin crew, flight dispatchers and ground personnel. Therefore, all those who are thinking that there is no scope for aviation education and training and it is not a very promising field in India, can now take a sigh of relief.

As the commonwealth games are to be held in India this year and are round the corner, hotel industry is the one that is going to witness a huge boom. In year ahead, more fresh graduates would be required and graduates from the fields of engineering, commerce, science and physics are going to be preferred. In addition, as far as the stipends and salaries are concerned, they are going to witness a rise of more than 30 percent.

Retail industry in India has always been one of the strongest industries in the past and the growth is going to continue in the prospect as well. The year ahead will have more number of jobs in the respective industry. For more details about the job market and trends, visit Save My System site. The site will provide you with great information related to various job market and job search.

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Future Job Market

Posted by Job Search Service on February 24, 2010

career search

The research made about the future job market shows growth in some industrial sectors and decline in some other sectors. Where will most of the jobs of tomorrow be? One should make well-informed career and job decisions that are based on reliable career study and research.

The Job market stats set by various organizations reviewed that total employment level will be rising by 10% until next coming years. Nevertheless, the expansion in jobs will be unevenly distributed amongst the main occupational and industrial groups or sectors. Factors like the technology, growth in population and consumer demands plus economical growth will determine the future of job market that will emerge over the next few years.

The survey done shows that shift from employment in the goods-producing sector to the service-providing sector will continue. Service-providing jobs will show increase by approximately 15 million new jobs by the year 2016 while there will be loss in job opportunities in good-producing industries. Most of the service providing sectors like health services and education are expected to show increase almost by 15 percent.

It is been estimated that more than 3 out of  10 new jobs created in the US economy will be either in healthcare and social assistance or private or public educational services. Educational services will increase since it is seen that number of students enrolling throughout the system is increasing in large number.

Even the professional and business services will grow substantially. This growth rate will be seen on a higher scale in the administrative, support and waste management services and employment. There will be great demand for temporary, part time and seasonal employers in the future job market. This rate is expected to increase in much wider scale and drive the growth in employment services. The biggest growth sector in technical and scientific field or services will be seen in computer system design and services related to it. This id due the fact that today the use of information technology has geared up so the need to maintain and secure the systems has also increased. Employment growth will also be seen in information sector, which will be most prominent in computer-related fields such as internet publishing, software publishing, and wireless network communication.

Where some sectors are showing remarkable improvements there are some sectors showing decline in the employment rate. Employment is expected to decline by 3.3 percent overall in the goods producing and manufacturing sectors, which will vary from industry to industry. For example, in the construction industry employment is expected to grow by about 10 percent, specifically in commercial and road-related construction. Whereas manufacturing sectors like household appliances, machine, computer and electronic gadgets manufacturing will show relevant decline due to increased automation and productivity and also due to global competition.

For further information and queries about online employment search, job search and related sites contact Save My Systems.

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Entry-Level Job Search

Posted by Job Search Service on February 23, 2010

London Graduate Job Searches

If you’re a college graduate recently passed out or a fresh jobseeker don’t worry even if hiring levels have slowed down in the past few years, many organizations still have plans to hire college students this year showed a survey. Therefore, if you are a jobseeker then this is the time for you for searching a good job. Even for students who are in there last semester should start there job search early. Do not wait to get your semesters over. Employers and several organizations are in the process of hiring so if you do not want to miss good opportunity then why wait.

There are various resources available for college students and graduates, which will help you out with job search. From your college placement faculty, to students who have been volunteered to help, to college job search sites that provides job search tips, specifically for students, there a variety of resources made available to help with a college job search. To search for jobs students need to keep few things in mind and search the jobs accordingly.

One should be highly focused and flexible. Broaden the view and the number of fields that you are considering and apply for plenty of positions but make a point that a proper research about the fields is done before applying so that you present yourself to employers.

The first and very essential tip to all college students for job search, including graduating students as well as underclass students is visiting the college or university placement office regularly. Most of the offices offer these students with jobs and internship listings, access to recruitment programs, assistance on job search, personal career counseling and also career networking assistance. In addition, the staff members can assist you on how to create a resume, draft your cover letters, and review on your job search. Some offices have a facility to give a Videotaped practice for interview sessions as well.

Other resource the students can use is the online search for jobs. For the students ready to seek a jobs or internship and enter the workforce there are various websites dedicated to job search at entry-level jobs. All these sites provide job listings, which are categorized according to different fields, by different locations and according to the post as well. You can even post your resumes to various companies using these sites. If you still not ready for a real job as yet, then you have an option available like doing internships, short term work experience or a part time job. This can help you greatly in securing a good job in future.

For more information regarding job search, employment news and job listings, log on to Save My System.

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Convenient Online Job Search

Posted by Job Search Service on February 22, 2010

Job Search Website

Getting up every morning and going out for looking  job is big hassle. You need to follow certain rules and should be disciplined to get a good job. Discipline is required to diligently looking for right employment opportunities. You need to look out for job continuously means that every free minute you have. Finding a good job means spending lot of time in networking and researching all types of employers. At least you need to spend one hour at night if you are experienced person and wish to get better job. It is general surprising how much little time and energy people spend even who are searching job desperately.

They just wait blindly to get the job. You should look up for company website and should make some additional research about their future expansion plans and how you can fit in it. Before heading for an interview, you should be clear about certain facts like what qualities are employer is looking to hire perspective employer or financials of the company. If you don’t know the answer to this question, then you are not fully prepared and not being active job seeker.

Candidates who are not aware of these facts and figures of the organization and ask the interviewer directly as it will show how keen you are to join the company. One more important thing is to networking. Never underestimate power of networking. Nearly 50% of candidates get jobs through referrals. Be in contact with all your family and friends for inspirations and ideas. Extend your network as much as possible. No matter what the source is, if possible you should take advantage of it.

Even sending resume to company, which is not hiring candidates currently, is not a bad idea. Your resume will be kept with company database for six months or so. It is even worth browsing through Internet and phone book or other calling places that you might like to work. You can even find new career opportunities by visiting online job port. By applying online, you can easily apply for the career opportunities that are uploaded by employers.

Though you can’t succeed for a long time, maintain positive attitude and be prepared for rejections. You may need to send hundreds of resume copy and they you may get response from one or two companies. Still don’t loose hopes and keep trying you will definitely get a good job. Unfortunately, looking out for your job is not as simple as going to McDonalds; you need to start from scratch and work hard to get whatever you want. Save My System provides you potent means to find your dream job in finer and faster manner. Moreover, we also provide SEO, web design templates to build attractive website.

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