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Archive for December 25th, 2009

Job change…

Posted by Job Search Service on December 25, 2009

Doesn’t it hurt to be fired from your job after investing several years of your life? Yes, it does hurt. Mostly you won’t be sure about what to do next. You might be worried about your livelihood especially in this period of unemployment. Every cloud has silver lining. In fact, this could be a great time to change your career and try hands at something new and something that you really want.

So here are some tips. Firstly, try and asses yourself get to know where you are now, and what should be your further plan. A lot of work is to be done, so instead of getting depressed, sit back, relax, and get rid of all your worries and tensions. After you have relaxed, work out a strategy to help you, through you career change. Think that this is your transition phase.Do not focus on the point that you have lost your job think that is just a phase your life. You can utilize this time to search for a new job. Well actually, this is not just happening with you there are many other people in this phase.

You can also opt for a career counselor. So you can go to a college close by or even to a firm that can help you make your career decisions. Colleges as well as career firms offer career tests these are not that costly. These career tests are mostly SWOT analysis tests. Such test can give you better ides regarding you career change. After appearing for your career test, you can start looking out for better options. You should then not just focus on your technical skills but also on your interests, hobbies, etc. After you have done the above, what you have to do is change your resume; your resume represents you on the paper. Add a fresh look to your resume and change the format.

Ask you seniors or career counseling experts to redesign your CV. This will help you set up yourself in a singular way. If you are, free then step out of your homes. You can also opt to teach others. This helps you interact with people. This also helps you come up with new and better ideas. Start learning something new and upgrade your skill set. This is an excellent time to improve your skills.

You should always be an optimist. Keep a positive and upbeat attitude. Stop looking at job loss as something depressing. Consider this as a new opening in your life. Access the net and look out for new jobs on various job sites offering you positions.
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