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Archive for December 23rd, 2009

Bright and promising opportunities in Retail sector

Posted by Job Search Service on December 23, 2009

Do you know the Indian retail industry is expected to expand almost 25%? Surprised! But yes, the future of this industry in our country seems to be greatly promising with the growing market. Furthermore, the government policies are becoming more favorable for the enhancement of this sector. In addition, emerging technologies are facilitating the operations.

The retail industry is so vast; it can absorb people from several disciplines like agriculture, fashion, market, finance, IT, and HR. Most of the retail companies have a potent buying team. This team is responsible for bringing up a product range. They have to think about the product range that will not only attract the customers, but also make a great progress as well as profit. The role of manager involves wide array of activities. They have to identify the customer’s need, promote the product and ensure the customer satisfaction. Managers are responsible for promoting as well as managing the brand image of the product by means of media. Visual Merchandising is very interesting and promising option for multimedia experts.

The retail manager is liable for managing numerous store activities as well as handling various issues related to stock and staff. These people directly deal with the customer and they have to handle all customer complaints and queries. So it needs people who are eager to head in the administrative jobs.

Distribution Management includes all the logistic and supply chain activities. Delivery of the right good at right time to the right place is the main job of distribution. These people are responsible for controlling costs by means of avoiding wastages and overstock situations.

The major task of a designer in retail store is to render the information relevant to latest trends in clothing, life style, food etc. they have to communicate with buying team people for innovative product range that will grab attraction of people. After all the retail market is about providing options to its consumers.

The goal of the HR manager is to endorse the staff and keep it motivated to work in effective and efficient fashion. HR functions involve recruitment, selection, planning, training, compensation, and development.

Jobs in this sector can bring bright opportunities and handsome remuneration. This promising sector can surely move your career ladder fast. Various reputed multinational companies offer large employment opportunities for the skilled retail management professionals.

If you are a graduate from any discipline having good command over English and interactive skills, then you can find great opportunities in retail sector. After accomplishing formal training in retail management, you can also get higher posts at younger age. If you are looking for right job-search engine, then SaveMySystem can be the right option for you. We offer india job search, job hunt services in various countries. We also provide business solutions in form of web designs and SEO and computer repair services.


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