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Archive for December, 2009

Appear for your interview well prepared

Posted by Job Search Service on December 31, 2009

Job Hunters pay attention

Worst nightmare for any job searcher is failing to give the best shot in the interview. Though this can happen, yet succeeding in the same requires presence of mind and good preparation. An interview is a key factor for the companies to categorize the candidates. So, if you want to be in the top priority list, you have to give a good interview.

First thing is maintain a dress code. Dress neatly when you are appearing for an interview. Dressing untidily or shabbily could affect your image and your prospects. After all, half of your battle is won when you dress smartly.

Do a great amount of preparation. Ask your friends or seniors who have appeared for interview. Collect a questionnaire of all the questions asked and what could be the most probable answers. Filter through these questions and make a list of questions that could be related to you. Remember on thing like you have a plan the interviewer also has a plan of action. He too has predefined the questions that he could ask you. The interview is actually more of a test which you have to face. The interviewer is always ready with tricky questions. These questions are just to check if you can take the work pressure and check if you can use your common sense to the dot. Give honest answers based on facts and figures. Stick to your knowledge and your experience. All in all the result of your interview also depends on your answers, i.e. how satisfactory they were, and how smartly they were given.

Showcase yourself. There is no harm in talking about your self. Instead convince the company representative as to how you could make a difference in their organization. Talk about your self; tell about your skill set, your abilities and your achievements. If you have a work experience talk about your work their, speak as to what did your previous employer think about you. If asked about your expectations tell the interviewer why you are demanding that. One trick is that try to develop a bond with the interviewer. Always carry an updated copy of your CV that could be demanded. Your CV is actually your picture on paper in words. So try to put up honest details in it.

Try to collect some facts and figures about the company where you are going for your interview. Get to know about the jobs and duties of the post you are applying for. So be well prepared and assess your self for that job. Prepare a list of questions that you could ask your interviewer. Well this is considered as a good quality. This makes you look keen for the job. When facing the interview, be calm, speak fluently, and stick only to the subject.

To get to know more about jobs in various fields and in your desired country, log on to Save My System’s Job Search for jobs in US. Save My System also provides services in Wireless Networks and in Data Recovery.


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Best job tips for Job seekers

Posted by Job Search Service on December 30, 2009

Tips for Freshers

Most of us after some point feel that we need a career change. We keep thinking about our perfect job which will make us happy more than the current job position. However, whether you are switching the field or are a fresher; you will need some prior research and planning to get exactly what you want. You need to consider two most important things. Firstly, you have to find out what appeals you the most as your dream job and secondly, what skill you have acquired to fit the role. Do some brainstorming, like writing down all your ideas, talk to someone whom you really trust. Help is available in various ways and modes.

There are lots of books, in the market, available in this regard. However, to make a right decision you need to use your common sense. For example: if you don’t like arithmetic or calculations at all then engineering or finance are not the fields for you. Though they seem glamorous enough! If you have a strong urge for working in particular field and you don’t possess the required skills, then taking entry-level position is not a bad idea. This will give you actual idea about working in such environment and whether it suits you or not.

When you are changing the field, don’t be shy and ask questions to the acknowledged person. You may not be familiar with the job you are opting for, hence, the appearing for an interview is good tact to get insider of the job. This will give you broader perspective about that job. After getting whole and soul idea about the job, do not forget to appreciate the interviewee for sharing his knowledge and precious time with you.

One more important thing is you need to be active in socializing. Most employers are happy to hire people who come from their own networks. Focus on expanding your network which will itself make you apart from rest of the job seekers. Even finding people who will recommend you is also beneficial.

Put yourself in shoes of the employee and ask yourself “would you, as a boss, like to hire yourself?” Find out what assets you can bring to your company. You must demonstrate your verbal and non-verbal communication skills. Check whether your resume is working right for you? Even after trying hard if you are not getting interview calls then you need to change it immediately. Find out the different methods to present your resume that will attract the interviewee. If you love your job, you will feel to get up in the morning and go to office instead of feeling upset and unhappy.

Save My System will give best job search techniques. Besides, it provides pc repair and IT security services.

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Decision power

Posted by Job Search Service on December 29, 2009

Perfect Job Hunt

Everyone knows how important it is to take career related decision? It is necessary that career related decision must be taken after gathering all adequate information. In the era of information, it is not very difficult to find information, just go through that info and pinpoint those which are of your concern. You can get abundant information by means of newspaper, Internet, magazines etc.

The major reason behind landing up in a wrong branch for pursuing education or wrong profession is lack of knowledge regarding particulars and pros and cons of the career plunge. Another major factor is taking this crucial decision through the insight of parents, friends or teachers etc.

Each individual can access plethora of information via World Wide Web, newspapers, journals etc., but final decision is yours. Why to take so important decision on basis of instincts? It should be taken on the strong fundamentals of individual skills and weaknesses. Furthermore, having an idea about the opportunities available along with threats of particular field will surely help you to take important decision.
Reviews show that most of the students moving to tertiary level of studies find themselves at loss owing to peer pressure, pressure from parents or information explosion. This pressure further have a cascading influences on own decisions and as a final result culminates into hara-kiri.

Following steps can help you to avoid such uncertainties.
Understand the significance of the information search
Choose appropriate sources for reliable information
Analyze yourself. Know your weaknesses and strengths
Take help of reliable counselors or mentors
Understand your personal mission and vision
Network strongly virtually as well as really
Craft strategies consequently
Take advice but think your own

Taking right kind of education is not sufficient at all to have bright future. You have to find great hidden opportunities and grab to have bright prospect. Nowadays lots of counseling firms are available where you can take a look at available opportunities. They can suggest you career opportunities according to your strengths and skills. They will show you the way. Decision of follow that path or not is definitely yours. Several job hunt centers, job search services can aid you to grab great opportunities in desired field.

So, what are you waiting for? Think on your skills and likings. Choose right field in which you want to make your career. If you have decided which field to choose and seeking for some right kind of aid to search job in that sector then Save My System is perfect for you. We offer all sort of job search, job hunt services at a good deal. Furthermore, you can get computer repair, data recovery, computer security services at viable charges. For more details you can contact our laptop support center.

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Jobs in the construction industry

Posted by Job Search Service on December 28, 2009

Construction jobs for newbies

In today’s time getting a job is a priority for every one. A youngster is aware of current situations. Every one has become so career oriented that they see opportunity in every venture and field. Most of them are trying to convert their hobbies in their skill set. Well this is now a much appreciated thing; as to pursue hobbies one requires perseverance and patience. To get and wear a happy man’s shirt may be impossible, but not getting a job where you could be happy. Most people opt for jobs that allow the person to pursue his interests. Youngsters opt for converting their hobbies into the jobs. Hobbies converted to jobs not only are enjoyed by them, but also they are done with sincerity. Hobbies in creativity can get you that job which you want.

Architecture, civil engineering and interior decoration is a field of creativity. Architecture or Civil engineering is a science that combines creativity and hard-core calculation. Ability to fit features wanted in a given area is what these talented people have. Architects are the ones that scheme your dream structures on papers (now on computers). They are the ones who design your dreams in form of lines and points to the dot. Civil engineers are those who bring these dreams bang in to the reality. They are the ones who actually build structures. Interior designers are the ones who can give you the feel of comfort either in offices or in homes.

This field of creativity is now open for jobs world wide. Fresher or experienced all are invited to make a mark in this glorious field of creation. If you are a Diploma or a degree holder in Architect or Civil engineering then you can apply for jobs in UK or any where around the globe. Freshers can apply for trainee posts. Graduates with some experience are mostly required for the posts of supervisors. Experienced people become chief engineers on projects. Similar posts are for Interior designers. Depending on the project and its enormity the number of people hired on these posts varies. The civil engineers and architects are not for building houses or apartments only. They are required for various projects like building roads, Airports or government offices. Interior designers on other hand are required in re-creating spaces befitting their use as offices or places to stay.

There is no layoff in this zone of career. To get know about opportunities anywhere on the globe register with Save My System. With our huge database in placements, we can offer you the best locations in the top most companies through our job search service. To avail our services of web design, you can log on. We also provide help regarding Wi-Fi network.

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New openings in the Pharmacy Industry

Posted by Job Search Service on December 27, 2009

Finding Pharmacy Jobs

Fit as a fiddle” is just not just an idiom. It is a state that all want to be in. Every one wants to be healthy, hail and hearty. When in a healthy state, one can enjoy all the events in life. Human body faces wear and tear constantly. Result, the human body does fall ill. It then needs medicines to heal itself. So pharmaceuticals are an ever-green industry. A never dying field right from ancient times to current times, this has been an industry always in demand.

Pharmaceutical industries are always in need of pharmacists or chemists. They also require research scientists. They also require staffs who work as distributors or in sales. So, if you are interested in this line of pharmaceuticals, one can make a career in Pharmacy Company. This industry has been the one, always in demand. All thanks to various diseases and infections holding up their heads every now and then. Not just that this industry has bifurcated in to the field of cosmetics, too.

So, if you think that you are eligible for a pharma job, then log on with Save My System. We here provide best options for fresher or experienced or experts. We help recruit fresher (under-graduates or graduates of any stream) who want to try them selves in the field of pharmaceutical field. Fresher can enter the field of marketing. This is done to increase the awareness of the medicine and brand in the market. The field of marketing has best returns (money wise).

This is a field of constant research. Graduates or post-graduates in pharmacy are most welcome to apply for senior posts. They are often recruited for research posts or trainers. Not just that if experienced or experts they are often offered posts for branch managers or for deputy branch managers. Not just graduates even Doctors specialized in Pharmacy also welcome here. We also consider MBA marketing or finances for posts of sales and marketing and finances in the pharmacy business.

We at Save My System hold a huge database of jobs just fit for people interested in the field of pharmaceutical industry. We offer jobs in recognized companies. We offer jobs that are not just for jobs in land but also over seas. So now, you can definitely make your wish of growing and settling in the land of your dreams, come true.

All you have to do is register with Save My System, and get the best of jobs in market. To avail this service log on to Job Search. Save My System also offers solutions in Wireless Networks, and for PC Installation.

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How to search the right kind of job

Posted by Job Search Service on December 26, 2009

Every one dreams about their bright job prospects. You firmly know what type of career you wish for. Your academics are satisfactory. Your resume is perfectly designed. You’ve practiced a lot how will you face interview and answer the questions. Everything is in perfect array – except one thing. You do not know how to find the job openings.

Your first step will be shifting all your networking skills into a high gear. Without any hesitation, start asking your family members and friends to ask their colleagues, friends and other associates if they know or have heard about any available, relevant job openings. Or you can ask them to whom you ought to talk with in this regard.

Another smart option is to go to career services center to seek right kind of job. Moreover, if you have held internships in the earlier period then you can get in touch with co-workers or employers there about openings and can ask them to guide you in proper direction.

Though it is an unfortunate truth that best jobs are never advertised, it does not mean that you cannot find a best job. Here are some tips to do perfect job search.

  • Check out for latest Internet job listings.
  • Search those websites for the career field in which you are interested to do job. In general, occupations have professional correlations with various websites that contain job listings. If you are unaware of the name of the trade organization or association that unites your potential colleagues, then you can ask someone in that field. Such websites are also an exquisite means to gather contact names.
  • Visit job fairs. Local newspapers contain lots of advertisements regarding job fairs. At job fairs you can come to know about enhancements in particular sector.
  • If you intend to do job in particular company then go through that company’s website. You can see if there are any job-listings provided or not.
  • Got through the ‘classified’ section of the newspaper.
  • Seek aid of job search engine to get right kind of job.

The crucial thing you should remember is that the job hunt is like a roller coaster ride. As far as you are calm and persistent, more probably you will find a perfect job.

All these tips can really help you to get right kind of job. If you are seeking for some job search engine then Savemysystem can help you. Here, at Save My System you can get job search, job hunt services in U.K. U.S.A, Australia, Canada, India, Pakistan, and Saudi Arabia. We can surely help you to get your dream job. Furthermore, you can get pc repair, laptop support, data recovery services at a good deal, as well.

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