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Current Job Rates In London

Posted by Job Search Service on June 2, 2011

Part Time Jobs London

Like many other economies in the world, the UK employment market is going through many changes. The employment and unemployment rate in UK has also gone through many ups and downs. The survey has shown the changes in the figures of the employment rate in the different job sectors in UK.

The full-time and part-time jobs in UK have seen many evolvements in terms of designation and profiles too. The progress and achievement rate in the part-time jobs UK has been found to be very unpredictable. People and specially students opt for various part time jobs in UK due to some reasons, which have been found out from market survey.

Some students who are still in schools and colleges go for part-time jobs UK in order to fill their free time during their vacations. This helps them to learn some new things as well as make some extra pocket money over the summers. While pursuing their higher studies, some university students also try for part time jobs. Such jobs not only give them an opportunity to earn money, but also gain some work experience.

This work experience helps them in their long run when they go for jobs in bigger companies for higher designation.

The employment rate in UK has been classified into some groups, which are showing many changes when compared to the figures of last few years. These groups are majorly classified into age, sex, market trend and the working hours. A recent survey and the results deduced on these groups are as follows:

• There was a 0.2% rise in the employment rate of people who are aged between 16 to 64years and are employed. This survey was conducted for the last three months to March 2011. Initially, the rate was 70.7 per cent on the quarter.

• The number of citizens who are employed and are aged 16 years and over has gone up by 118,000 on quarter. This is approximately an increase by 416,000 in the whole year, which can reach up to 29.24 million.

• The number of employed people in UK is 332,000. That is lower than the 29.57 million pre-recession peaks, recorded till the last the three months from May 2008.

• The quarterly increase in the rate of employment was mainly due to the driven force of full-time employment. It has increased on the quarter by 94,000 to reach up to 21.30 million.

• There has been an increase in the full-time employment rather than the part time employment. The number of men, who are employed, has reached 40,000 which is an increase up to 13.63 million.

• The number of employed women in full-time jobs has increased by 54,000 which reach up to 7.67 million.

You can find the best part time jobs UK in IT, technical, hardware and web jobs. These jobs can be available in all the areas of UK. From the initial first jobbers and IT graduates, you can find a variety of profiles up to IT directors, designers, analysts, developers, engineers, programmers and many other support roles. There are around thousands of IT part time jobs available in UK. Youth unemployment has gone down in the UK, which is actually acting as a boost for the economy.


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Best Opportunities In Job Market Of UAE

Posted by Job Search Service on May 31, 2011

Job services UAE

A good paying job is one the necessities of individuals today. Internet has brought the world together and many people look for best jobs in the world market. In earlier recession period, jobs are snatched from many people and unemployment rates fly high.

Now slowly situation is recovering and new jobs are developing across the globe. UAE has good results for its job services UAE and last year report from Dubai statistics center shows that unemployment level in Dubai is declined by 19% and it is just 0.8%. According to this report, this economically sound population is 86.6% part of total UAE’s population of 1.57 million.

This encouraging scenarios and vast developments across UAE attract many people around the world to job services UAE to take advantage of growing economy., are some of the firms that provide wide range of job services UAE. One can discover best employment opportunities in Dubai and UAE with these sites. Here, you will find jobs in different fields like information technology, construction, healthcare, engineering, finance, sales and marketing etc.

Recently, Emirates Group, highly profitable business and over 50,000 employees is expanding rapidly. It comprises successful airport ground services and has global network. Now it is buying 200 more aircrafts to fly for 110 destinations in six continents. With this expansion, it is creating many jobs in the industry from HR coordinator to many other positions in coming time.

Job services UAE provide robust and wide-ranging jobs for highly skilled, qualified and experienced candidates around the world. Dubai has serving as a global center for many developed and developing businesses. Currently Abu Dhabi has finalized its industrial strategy with key government entities and partners. This strategy promotes local economy as said by chairman of Department of Economic Development Abu Dhabi.

He added that last year private sector accounted 25% of total GDP and it is expected to grow more this year by support of Government’s commitment to national and foreign private sector. The recent agreement between UAE and South Korea for building four nuclear power plants is expected in coming days. That will definitely grow employment opportunities in the area.

Currently, Dubai-British Airways is expanding their business by investing 5.5 billion Euros for buying new aircrafts. As per this new expansion plan, it is buying more Boeing 777, 12 airbuses, and 24 Boeing 787. . It is a joint venture with Iberia to fly for 200 destinations with more than 400 aircrafts.

Last Monday, labor minister of UAE declared that UAE will not renew work permits of foreign workers who have completed six years in the country. This policy is a part of ten point program to facilitate Saudi people to get more jobs in private sector. This program plans to create more jobs for nationals. It will reduce unemployment rates further in coming time.

All these news shows high employment potentials in United Arab Emirates with growing economy.Job services UAE are playing vital role in attracting qualified and experienced individuals to get best jobs in industry.

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Current Scenario Of Job Services UAE

Posted by Job Search Service on May 24, 2011

Job services UAE

Every country has its share of up and down in the job market. UAE is a country where the job market also goes through many rotations of changes. Yet, according to the statistics, job services UAE offer far more decent hopes for the people than expected. Global crises and credit crunch are showing up in the United Arab Emirates. Dubai especially is getting a hang on these, which are affecting on the job services UAE. In spite of this, the latest news shows that the unemployment rate in Dubai is the lowest. Now, this is a very drastic observation, which poses many questions about the employment market in the UAE.

The latest survey on the job services UAE shows that 53% of the whole populations in UAE are employed. Again, there is a sector of people who have no intention to work. This sector constitutes of 19.9% of the population who do not desire to work. The population of UAE comprise of native citizens and expatriate workers from other countries in the world. So, the employment rate again has to be considered for those citizens too, who have migrated and have taken up the UAE citizenship. Statistics show that 79% of the populations, belonging to this sector, have an employment rate of 79% while 45% of the native nationals are employed.

The UAE landscape for employment has gone through many changes since it started competing in the job services UAE market globally. Still some big companies, stick to their preference of hiring quality employees for their processes. But, the competition in the UAE market is more fierce than expected. The wages and pay offered to the people are not that high in many cases. Hopefully, you can turn through the job services on this downturn soon and hope for a change.

People are expecting a phenomenal growth in the UAE employment scenario and looking forward for continued expansion in long term prospects. This means that people are looking for employment would come by easily. There are job opportunities in Dubai and will continue to be open for qualified candidates. There are a lot of vacancies in dozens of sectors and in countless posts within those sectors. In spite of all these sectors, the real challenge can be landing up with a Dubai employment contract.

The competition in the UAE employment market has become stiffer since the past few years. The labor pool in UAE comprises of people from all over of the world. As a result of this, most traditional methods in the job search strategy just do not seem to work out. You need to have more inside information and additional skill set in order to have more advantage over many others.

The UAE Minister of Labor, very recently reported that among the major driving forces, which has happened to their Arab World. There are two things. These two things are social justice and unemployment. But he also explained that unemployment in UAE was optional.

The number of people seeking jobs in UAE and especially in Dubai is increasing with time. So, the quicker you search for job services UAE, better will be your chances of a career in Dubai.

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Part Time Jobs in New York

Posted by Job Search Service on April 30, 2011

part time jobs  New York

Unemployment rate in U.S.

The state and regional saw a little difference in new employments in March. Thirty four states observed the decline in unemployment rate, while 7 of them have rate increase and 9 states plus Columbia district remained unchanged. These statistics were published by U.S.BLS – Bureau of Labor Statistics, o 19th April, 2011.

The April survey speaks the figures like: nonfarm payroll placement has risen by 216,000 in the month of March, 2011 and the unemployment rate changed little. Earlier it was 8.8%, with the increase in placement, it is declined by a slight change, so March figure is 7.7%.

Global economy

Northumberland Today, from Ontario had collected (April, 2011) the questions from the readers and the answers from the federal candidates for the same. Of these one query was the unemployment level has risen over the past year. What would you do to create jobs? The answer (in brief) was, NDP and the Conservatives shared, they will provide tax credits for every new hire and extend the Accelerated Capital Costs Allowance for the next 4 years and continue to focus on young employees entering particularly in tech, science, engineering and maths areas. Green Party and Liberal shared, they will make sure the fare share of funds in creating long term employment opportunities. And the key sectors in the global economy, where Canada has a strong foundation and potential resources. They are health, biosciences and digital technology.

Part Time Jobs – You can see through the online search, for this option. You get many results like the employers’ websites show the openings with them. The recruitment agencies have their own websites and the job boards where, you get to see many job sites together and the multiple vacancies too. You can register yourself with them, upload your resume and start applying for your relevant skills demanded posts. You can also check the option for intimating you the new relevant jobs to your inbox by giving your valid e-mail id to these job sites.

These job sites claim that there are more than 30000 part time jobs available throughout the country. This includes the student jobs and jobs for teens in New York. By just selecting the city or zip code, the job openings will be in front of you. This information is on Groove Job (NY) website.

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London New Jobs

Posted by Job Search Service on April 29, 2011

Job services Uk

Job Services, UKCleaning industry is focusing for more than 21000 jobs up for grabs. Talking about this type industry it was said on 28th of April, 2011 that, every type of business needs cleaning. It can be a small shop, big hospital, schools, and defense sites or may be a palace. Also other cleaning jobs are like taking care of public places, and it is a part time job too. The news further read is many such jobs start at £5+ per hour (the national minimum wage for age over 21). These vacancies can be searched online (www direct gov uk / employment) or you may walk in to a local job center to get details. They arrange the trainings on health and safety. You can find many other types of jobs also through the job services UK online.

Breaking News

The company Nokia has a breaking news of cutting work force world wide by around 4000 within two years. And the huge mobile makers are intending to create a work force in UK for about 700 jobs. This news is published on 27th April, 2011.

Unemployment rate

The news published by the ONS- Office for National Statistics-on March 16, 2011. It reads that, the unemployment rose to 26000+, which is the most high number since 1994. And it is at 8% – high record since 1996. Actually, the IT sector and is showing increase rate in employment, though the author is afraid the unemployment rate may increase in a few months.

On this background, the REC have requested the Government to create the job openings through the up coming budget with a title as A Budget for Jobs. Some of the officials mentioned that the employers are more keen these days to hire part time or temporary staffing being cost effective. This flexibility of employment is caused by the volatile economic climate.

Job services

Job services offered by the job boards are still great in number in UK. They give the openings sector wise. They have openings in Accounts and Finance sector, Banking, Construction, Entertainment, Recruitment, Sales, Marketing and many more including IT sector. These jobs are of a permanent and part time basis. There are may freelance job available too.

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Temporary Job Services- Boon For Overall Progress!

Posted by Job Search Service on April 25, 2011

Temporary jobs servicesJob Services

Situations of unemployment occur when candidates are available for work, but there is scarcity of job opportunities. Unemployment rate can be roughly calculated with the statistics available as, percentage of candidates those are unemployed.

This unemployment statistics are also required in calculating the global economy and economic studies and indices as the assessment of situations of macroeconomics. In past few years, there was great shortage of job openings due to recession. But now, the scenario has changed. Today, the number of job opportunities has also increased.

The recent news says that the unemployment rate in California, the most competitive city in US, is still very high, similar to other countries. At 12.4%, this city has again ranked third highest in the employment rate last month in nation. This news has been reported by the bureau of labor statistics, just the previous week.

Recently, many countries have seemed to be in better economic conditions as compared to few past years. States such as Michigan, Tennessee and Alabama have seen their employment rates have been falling drastically a year ago, whereas the other states including Minnesota and Pennsylvania have increased their employment rates within a year’s period. California’s joblessness rate has increased by 0.2 % than the previous year, latest news says. Federal government statistics reveal that the unemployment rate of New Jersey is competitively lower than national rate.

Above statistics clear depict that there must be taken some strategic and instant actions in order to overcome such critical conditions. This rate is definitely going to affect the global economy badly in the coming years. The recent advent of temporary job services has tried to sustain in such cases to some extent.

The temporary job services are basically the employment opportunities that are open on contract basis, concisely to say temporary basis. These services can be availed from any consultancy or recruitment agency. Such types of job services are like helping hands in US, where Visa is also granted for such purposes.

The temporary job services are best alternative for people who have retired from their previous jobs and want to work on contract basis for certain period. Advent of temporary job services has tried effectively to seal up the valley that had created between the unemployed and unemployment rate!

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